MORGAN KANE 1952-1969



MIAMI MURDER-GO-ROUND – Marston LaFrance, Pocket 896, 1952. Morgan Kane’s first credited paperback cover is this study in forced perspective. He might have done other uncredited covers in the 1950s, but he did not start a cover proof file of his work until 1960.  So the only 50s covers we are sure about are the six shown here with his name on the book.

You can see more of the lady, and Kane’s first book credit, on the back cover.

PAULA – Gale Wilhelm, Lion LB115, 1956. Second retitled printing of Lion 52, NO LETTERS FOR THE DEAD, with new cover.

A HELL OF A WOMAN – Jim Thompson, Lion LB138, 1956.

Second printing of Lion 218, which had a different cover by Robert Maguire. (Maguire is not credited in the price guides, but Lynn Maguire, his daughter, has recognized her grandmother as the older cover model on Lion 218.)

WHAT MRS. McGILLICUDDY SAW! – Agatha Christie, Cardinal C318, 1958.

First paperback edition of a 1957 hardcover.

THE LADY IN THE LAKE – Raymond Chandler, Cardinal C-344, 1959.

First Cardinal edition, reprints Pocket 389 with new cover.

During his 45-year career as a paperback cover artist, Morgan Kane created cover art for books by many great authors. That list starts here with Thompson and Christie and Chandler.

WICKED WOMEN – Lee Wright, ed. Pocket 1263, 1959 paperback original.  

An anthology of stories of murder, love and mayhem by Agatha Christie, Kenneth Millar, Ellery Queen and others. Morgan Kane’s beautiful woman with a gun cover painting captures the spirit of the collection perfectly.


A CASE FOR NURSE MARIAN – Adelaide Humphries, Bantam A2147, 1960.

Basic standard nurse cover, very well done but much like a hundred other such covers by a variety of artists. What Morgan Kane obviously preferred was diversity to show off his virtuoso versatility.

IN SPITE OF THUNDER – John Dickson Carr, Bantam A2267, 1961.

One of the first examples of Morgan Kane’s determined effort to never get pigeonholed, IN SPITE OF THUNDER is not just brilliant, it is also unlike any of his other cover paintings.

PRIVATE DUTY NURSE – Isabel Cabot, Bantam A2277, 1961.

First paperback edition of a 1958 Avalon hardcover.

TWENTY PLUS TWO – Frank Gruber, Bantam A2297, 1961. Movie tie-in.

Frank Gruber (1904-1969) was a prolific writer of pulp stories, Westerns and mysteries. TWENTY PLUS TWO was a 1961 movie with David Janssen and Jeanne Crain. The movie was written and produced by Frank Gruber.

LIMBO TOWER – William Lindsay Gresham, Signet D2046, 1962.

The second novel by the author of NIGHTMARE ALLEY. Reprints Signet 839 with new cover art. The 35c cover price has been covered with a 50c sticker in the example shown.

THE MERCY HEROES – Shane Douglas, Signet S2078, 1962.

Signet got a lot of their pulp fiction from Horwitz Publications in Australia, including more than a dozen by Shane Douglas. Almost all Horwitz bylines are house names. Shane Douglas was one of the many pen names of Richard Wilkes-Hunter, who wrote 47 doctor books under that byline.

EMERGENCY NURSE – Jane Converse, Signet S2079, 1962.

Jane Converse was the author of SURF SAFARI NURSE, THRILL SHOW NURSE, JET SET NURSE and many more.

AIR SURGEON – Shane Douglas, Signet S2097, 1962.

We call these “paperback originals” because they are the first US appearances of Australian paperbacks from Horwitz. Technically of course, the Horwitz is the original.

THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE – Jerry Weil, Signet D2161, 1962.

“A man driven by guilt. A woman possessed by sin. Their desperate passion was a mating in hell…”

In 2008, the York (PA) Sunday News published an article on recommended books. One of the contributors was York College literature professor Dr. Colbey Emmerson Reid, who suggested “Old pulp fiction in good condition from used bookstores and antique shops… I’ve given away a couple of dozen over the years, but I’ll always keep my hot pink copy of Jerry Weil’s 1962 THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE.”

BAMBOO WARD – Noah Gordon, Signet S2169, 1962.

DOCTOR AT FAULT – Shane Douglas, Signet S2190, 1962.

There are other Shane Douglas Signets (like SKY DOCTOR) that might be the work of the same artist. We are only showing the four Shane Douglas covers Morgan Kane had in his cover proof file here.

SURGEON ON CALL – Shane Douglas, Signet S2227, 1963.


THE TEACHERS – Jerry Weil, Signet P2378, 1963.

The 35c cover price has been covered with a 60c sticker in the example shown. The higher stickers were used for later re-issues or foreign markets.

WITH THIS RING – Emile Loring, Bantam EL108, 1964.

The EL in the book number stands for Emile Loring. Loring’s romances were huge best sellers for Bantam and appeared for years in this same format and cover art. There is an EL6608 with a 75c cover price shown on Amazon. Many different artists contributed to the Loring series. It was interesting to find this one among Morgan Kane’s cover proofs.

PSYCHIATRIC NURSE – Jane Converse, Signet G2391, 1964.

Some of the scans for books I do not own are courtesy of, a website I highly recommend.

NURSE IN ACAPULCO – Jane Converse, Signet G2461, 1964.


THE CONFESSOR – Jackson Donahue, Signet P2468, 1964.

First paperback printing of a 1963 hardcover about a man who confesses to a murder he did not commit.


TO MY SON, THE TEENAGE DRIVER – Henry Gregor Felsen, Bantam Pathfinder FP120, 1965. Cover photo by Morgan Kane.

Reprinted as Bantam HP5220 in 1967.

Note: Unless noted otherwise, all books from here through late 1974 have Photo Covers by Morgan Kane.

A KIND OF ANGER – Eric Ambler, Bantam S3056, 1965.

Morgan Kane then devoted himself to photography for a decade, providing countless paperback cover photos, magazine covers, ads and interior illustrations. As always with this Renaissance artist, he soon excelled at it, and some of his photo covers are among that era’s best.

Trying to gain some semblance of order with such a huge list, I’m showing the books chronologically. And this book is dated November 1965, before the 1966 Angelique series that follows, all with earlier numbers.

THE FANNIE FARMER JUNIOR COOK BOOK – Wilma Lord Perkins, Bantam HP146, 1966. A huge bestseller for Bantam. Morgan’s cover photo was used and re-used on a number of different editions. The example shown here is Bantam HE15 from 1967. A “Special Edition” with no number has also been seen.


ANGELIQUE IN LOVE – Sergeanne Golon, Bantam N3003, 1966. There are several sets of the Angelique series from Bantam, and Morgan Kane provided photo covers for two different sets, this one in 1966 and another in 1971.

ANGELIQUE – Golon, Bantam N3008, 1966. This is actually the first in the series. I suspect the five Angelique books shown together here were released simultaneously. But if you are reading them in order, ANGELIQUE IN LOVE follows ANGELIQUE IN REVOLT.

ANGELIQUE AND THE KING – Golon, Bantam N3009, 1966. Sergeanne Golon was the shared pen name of two writers, Serge and Anne Golon.

ANGELIQUE IN BARBARY – Golon, Bantam N3010, 1966. The back covers of this set use Morgan Kane’s photo from the cover of ANGELIQUE #1, Bantam N3008.


ANGELIQUE IN REVOLT – Sergeanne Golon, Bantam N3011, 1966.

Bantam S3056, see 1965 Bantams above.

STILL CIRCLING MOOSE JAW – Richard Bissell, Bantam S3126, 1966.

First paperback edition of a 1965 hardcover.

THE NAME IS ARCHER – Ross Macdonald, Bantam F3132, 1966.

Reprints Bantam 1295 with new photo cover.

Short story collection includes “Find the Woman”, which also appeared in WICKED WOMEN above, there under the author’s real name, Kenneth Millar.

YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL A HARVARD MAN – Richard Bissell, Bantam N3135, 1966.

Many years later, Morgan Kane created a photo montage of 50 or so examples of his paperback art, both painted and photo. He used it as a mailer to advertise his work and showed it on his website. The three photos used for this cover all appear on that mailer.

THE FAR SIDE OF THE DOLLAR – Ross Macdonald, Bantam F3159, 1966.

In 2016, THE FAR SIDE OF THE DOLLAR was reprinted as part of THREE NOVELS OF THE EARLY 1960s from The Library of America.

FRUIT OF THE POPPY – Robert Wilder, Bantam S3169, 1966.

Robert Wilder (1901-1974) was a novelist who wrote FLAMINGO ROAD and WRITTEN ON THE WIND, both of which were successfully filmed. FRUIT OF THE POPPY was not destined for equal success, as it was turned into a bad David McCallum movie called SOL MADRID.

THE COMPLETE SECRETARY – Patricia Flynn, Bantam S3217, 1966.

As a photographer in the 1960s & early 70s, Morgan did photo covers for magazines like Pageant, and all kinds of paperbacks, including non-fiction. He did two books for secretaries, this one and THE SECRETARY’S MANUAL, (see Signet T3469, 1968).


THE BARBAROUS COAST – Ross Macdonald, Bantam F3230, 1966.

In 2015, the prestigious Library of America included THE BARBAROUS COAST in FOUR NOVELS OF THE 1950s by Ross Macdonald.


THE GALTON CASE – Ross Macdonald, Bantam F3231, 1966.

Like several of the best Archers, THE GALTON CASE is about a mystery from twenty years ago that affects the lives of its characters today. In 2015, this masterpiece was deservedly collected in the Library of America’s FOUR NOVELS OF THE 1950s by Ross Macdonald.

GLOVER – Francis Pollini, Bantam N3237, 1966. Second Morgan Kane photo on the back cover.


THE LOCKWOOD CONCERN – John O’Hara, Signet Q2876, 1966.

First paperback edition of the 1965 hardcover.

THE REBELLION OF YALE MARRATT – Robert H. Rimmer, Avon N149, 1967.

Morgan Kane did four photo covers for Avon in 1967. The first was for this novel by Robert H. Rimmer (1917-2001), famous for THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT (1966).


A GIRL NAMED TAMIKO – Ronald Kirkbride, Avon S287, 1967.

Canadian author Kirkbride’s novel appeared in hardcover in 1959. The first paperback was TAMIKO, Monarch 146, 1960, with a cover by Robert Maguire. It was made into a movie with France Nuyen in 1962 and was a big seller for Pan in UK paperback. I believe this 1967 Avon is its second American softcover appearance.


THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN YO-YO – Edmund Schiddel, Avon S310, 1967.

This is the third incarnation of THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN YO-YO. It first appeared as Berkley 339, a 1955 paperback original. It was reprinted as Hillman/Macfadden 35-101 in 1961.

SAFARI TO DISHONOR – Edmund Schiddel, Avon S330, 1967.

Frenzied passions in the pulsating African night. Reprints Avon 728, a 1956 paperback original. By the time this was reprinted, Schiddel had become well-known for his “shocking” Bucks County trilogy.


THE ENTERTAINER – John Osborne, Bantam NT8, 1967.

From The Bantam Library of World Drama, a famous English play that Laurence Olivier performed on stage and screen.




BOOKS AND THE TEENAGE READER –G. Robert Carlsen Bantam 044, 1967. Front and back covers.

MODERN EUROPEAN POETRY – edited by Willis Barnstone, Bantam DC298, 1967.

THE WAR BABIES – Gwen Davis, Bantam N3293, 1967. Morgan Kane provided two photos. Bantam chose one for the front cover, the other for the back. When their UK sister company Corgi reprinted the book as Corgi FN7777 in 1968, the art director there chose to switch them.






EMPRESS OF BYZANTIUM – Helen A. Mahler, Bantam S3301, 1967.

Reprint of Bantam A1157, 1953, which had a painted cover by Harry Schaare.

BLACK MONEY – Ross Macdonald, Bantam F3320, 1967.

Morgan provided a set of photos for Bantam’s uniform edition of Lew Archer mysteries. The books were set in the California coastal city called Santa Teresa, a thinly-veiled stand-in for the author’s home, Santa Barbara.

DEVILS AND DEMONS – Rod Serling, Bantam H3324, 1967.

Jeff Kane put on the mask with horns to pose for his father’s cover photos.

Front and back covers are shown.

FIND A VICTIM – Ross Macdonald, Bantam E3342, 1967. Macdonald named Archer for Sam Spade’s partner in Dashiell Hammett’s THE MALTESE FALCON. Imagining he might be that Archer’s son reminds us that Sam Spade was carrying on an affair with Archer’s wife, leading to the possibility that Lew Archer might be the illegitimate son of Sam Spade.


THE CARE OF DEVILS – Sylvia Press, Bantam S3346, 1967.

Morgan Kane’s son, Jeff Kane, remembers posing for the cover shoot. “That’s me second from the left. The tall man at the left is my Dad’s favorite model, Steve Holland. The man second from the right is Bantam art director Len Leone.”


THE AFTERNOON WOMEN – Lael Tucker Wertenbaker, Bantam S3359, 1967. The second printing, Bantam N5469, shown with the 1970 covers, used a different photo from the same modeling session.

I CAPTURE THE CASTLE – Dodie Smith, Bantam S3386, 1967.

There are almost a hundred different editions of this cult classic bestseller from the author of 101 DALMATIANS shown online. I always thought this one was among the most unique.


VENGEANCE VALLEY – Luke Short, Bantam F3388, 1967.

Morgan Kane’s cover photo, one of the 50 or so he selected for his mailer, recreates the classic painted cover (by a different artist) of Bantam 1485 from 1956, which was reprinted throughout the early sixties.

RIDE THE MAN DOWN – Luke Short, Bantam F3389, 1967. A study in sunlight and shadow.

THE DEVIL’S BRIGADE – Adleman & Walton, Bantam N3393, 1967.

The second printing, more commonly seen, was a movie tie-in edition with new William Holden photo cover.

THE DOOMSTERS – Ross Macdonald, Bantam F3406, 1967.

Ross Macdonald is revered for lifting the hard-boiled detective series into the realm of lasting literature. Any of his Lew Archer novels are worth reading. Bantam called Archer “the hardest of the hardboiled dicks”, and while that is not really true – I think guys like Race Williams and Mike Hammer were probably tougher – Archer is still a solid hero and one of the most important private eyes in hardboiled literature.

THE DOOMSTERS was also included in The Library of America’s FOUR NOVELS OF THE 1950s in 2015.

TO WALK THE NIGHT – William Sloane, Bantam H3426, 1967. What a cover!  Kane achieved this effect very simply using makeup, with feline eyes painted on his model’s eyelids. I suspect he also did Sloane’s THE EDGE OF RUNNING WATER, Bantam S3427, but I can’t prove that. Yet.

Bantam H3428, UNHOLY TRINITY, looks like a Kane to me (same model?) but was not found in his cover proofs file. That file is not complete, but I will leave the book off this list until some confirmation appears.






A GAZELLE ON THE LAWN – Douglas Fairbairn, Bantam S3461, 1967. Two photos shown, front and back covers.

LILITH – J.R. Salamanca, Bantam N3503, 1967. Front and back cover photos shown.

RIMROCK – Luke Short, Bantam F3516, 1967.

CHOCOLATES FOR BREAKFAST – Pamela Moore, Bantam S3529, 1967. Front and back shown. Reprints Bantam A1630 with new cover.




WAITING FOR WINTER – John O’Hara, Bantam N3537, 1967. See also Bantam Q5776. This dark cover photo is hard to decipher. It shows a woman in a slip undressing in a dark bedroom. A man’s clothes are hung on the headboard beside her. Morgan Kane would provide a different, clearer cover photo for the next edition in 1970.

IN THE WRONG RAIN – Robert R. Kirsch, Bantam S3544, 1967. This is Morgan Kane’s cover proof for IN THE WRONG RAIN, image courtesy of Jeff Kane.


GOD BLESS THE CHILD – Kristin Hunter, Bantam S3554, 1967.

This was the first paperback edition of Kristin Hunter Lattany’s first novel. The title comes from a Billie Holliday song.

Bantam N3555, which should appear here between S3554 and H3556, is dated 1968 inside and so is shown on this chronological list in the 1968 section below.


THE FUME OF POPPIES – Jonathan Kozol, Bantam H3556, 1967.

Reprints Bantam A1986 with new cover.

Jeff Kane remembers there was a place way out on Long Island that his Dad liked to use for assignments such as this. We will see this fence again on later photos and paintings.

DEBT OF HONOR – Luke Short, Bantam F3558, 1967.

Bantam published scores of Luke Short reprints. Five of them were found in Morgan Kane’s cover proof file. He may have created other Luke Short covers for Bantam.

CORONER CREEK – Luke Short, Bantam F3559, 1967.

Morgan Kane’s 26th cover for Bantam in 1967.

CHERRY BLOSSOM LOVE – Maysie Greig, Macfadden 50321, 1967.


DOLL BABY – Hugh Barron, Pyramid T1581, 1967. Pseudonym of Burt Hirschfeld. Reprinted as Pyramid T1920.



A WILDERNESS OF VINES – Hal Bennett, Pyramid T1685, 1967.

First paperback edition of a 1966 hardcover. Hal Bennett also wrote THE ASSASSIN series for Pinnacle as John D. Revere.


TILT! – Hugh Barron, Pyramid T1690, 1967. Pen name of Burt Hirschfeld.

RAM – George W. Rae, Pyramid T1708, 1967.

George W. Rae’s name appeared on two 1967 Pyramids – RAM and CONFESSIONS OF THE BOSTON STRANGLER. And nothing after that.

THE NAME IS JORDAN – Harold Q. Masur, Pyramid R1714, 1967. Sometimes understandably confused with the next book. And with Pyramid X1738 in 1968.

Like his fictional creation Scott Jordan, Harold Q. Masur (1921-2005) was a lawyer. THE NAME IS JORDAN was a short story collection.

THE NAME IS MALONE – Craig Rice, Pyramid R1729, 1967. Pseudonym of Georgianna Ann Randolph Craig. She wrote a series of novels and short stories about Chicago lawyer John J. Malone, and THE NAME IS MALONE is a collection of some of those stories. Rice’s style is described as a mix of hardboiled mystery and screwball comedy.

Previously published, with different cover, as Pyramid G350, 1958, and Pyramid G671, 1961. 


A GENEROUS MAN – Reynolds Price, Signet T3072, 1967.

Reynolds Price (1933-2011) was a North Carolina author, poet and Duke University professor.

Signet P3086 see 1968 Signets.

THE MUSES OF RUIN – William Pearson, Signet T3095, 1967.

First paperback of a 1965 hardcover.


MIRAGE – Andrea Newman, Signet T3115, 1967.

First American paperback of a 1965 UK hardcover.

OPERATION SCUBA – James Dark, Signet P3134, 1967. US paperback original.

James Dark was a house name at Horwitz in Australia, used predominately by J.E. MacDonnell. Signet published 11 of his thrillers in the US. Earlier books in the series had painted covers by Barye Phillips.

THE FEBRUARY DOLL MURDERS – Michael Avallone, Signet P3152, 1967.

SHIPWRECKED ON PARADISE – Adam Shaw, Signet D3159, 1967.

US paperback original.

This is one of those covers where you have to look at it more than once to decide if it is a photo or a painting.

Adam Shaw was another of the house names from Horwitz, the Australian publishers that had many of their books, including dozens by Carter Brown, reprinted in the US by Signet.

CARELESS LOVE – Alice Adams, Signet T3175, 1967.

This is the first paperback edition of the author’s first book, a 1966 New American Library hardcover. Also published as THE FALL OF DAISY DUKE, this book was reprinted by Signet in 1979 and as Fawcett 1-4611 in 1989.


ROOM AT THE TOP – John Braine, Signet T3192, 1967.

Reprints Signet S1569 with new cover. The earlier Signet was a movie tie-in for the 1959 UK Laurence Harvey film.

THE KLOOCHMAN – Jack Curtis, Signet T3223, 1967.

First paperback of the 1966 hardcover novel about an Alaskan prostitute.

THE SWEET RIDE – William Murray, Signet T3228, 1967.

The movie tie-in reprint edition with Jacqueline Bisset on the cover is more commonly found. This was the first paperback.

FAST START, FAST FINISH – Stephen Birmingham, Signet T3232, 1967

In the 1960s, when all of these photographs were taken, Morgan Kane’s photo studio was at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

THE NIGHT ACTION – Bruce Douglas Reeves, Signet T3234, 1967.

First paperback edition of the 1966 hardcover. Author’s first book.


KNOCK ON ANY DOOR – Willard Motley, Signet Q3285, 1967.

Motley’s famous “live fast die young” novel started in paperback as Signet 802AB in 1950 and was reprinted many times. Nicholas Ray made it into a Humphrey Bogart movie in 1949.

Morgan Kane’s photo cover was re-used as Signet W5223, the edition shown here.

Signet T3309: see 1968.

MISS MAMMA AIMEE – Erskine Caldwell, Signet T3313, 1967.

50 GREAT POETS – Milton Crane, ed. Bantam QC285, 1968. Reprinted as Bantam DM5600.

Reprints Bantam Classics NC104 with new cover.

MADELEINE – Andre Gide, Bantam SY4014, 1968.




THE CROWDED BED – Henry Sackerman, Bantam N3555, 1968. The French edition shown here uses - and flips – Morgan Kane’s cover photo.

KING COHN – Bob Thomas, Bantam N3670, 1968.

Same photo on back cover. A biography of Harry Cohn.

BY STARLIGHT – Thomas Sancton, Bantam S3708, 1968.

THE DEEP END – Joseph Hayes, Bantam N3713, 1968.

Same photo on back cover.

THE WYCHERLY WOMAN – Ross Macdonald, Bantam S3786, 1968.




THE WORLD’S LOVE POETRY – Michael Rheta Martin, ed. Bantam Q3822, 1968. Cover painting by Morgan Kane.

Morgan Kane was a painter all his life and in the middle of his period as a successful photographer he created this interesting painted cover for Bantam. He chose this as one of the 50 or so covers representing his best work on his mailer.

This is a mixed media collage. Her dress is made up of around fifty different photos – they appear to be clipped from magazines – of images from around the world. Those images were then collaged onto her dress.

THE NAME IS CHAMBERS – Henry Kane, Pyramid X1738, 1968.

Third printing, the others are Pyramid G284, 1957, and G569, 1960.

This looks like the Pyramid books THE NAME IS MALONE and THE NAME IS JORDAN, all with Morgan Kane covers. The difference is those other books are short story collections, and THE NAME IS CHAMBERS is a novel. Henry Kane (1908-1988) wrote a series about private eye Peter Chambers.

THE SURVIVOR – John Quirk, Signet T3086, 1968.

T3086 should be a 1967 Signet but my copy says 1968 inside. Not found in Morgan Kane’s own files, I have attributed this cover to him because it looks so much like his other work of that period, and because the female model’s pose matches one on a book that IS in his cover proofs file, THE SINS OF PHILIP FLEMING, Signet T3474, 1968.

This preferred pose can also be seen on YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL A HARVARD MAN, a 1966 Bantam.

THE GUN RUNNER – Richard Meade, NEL 2519, 1969. Pseudonym of Ben Haas.

THE SURVIVOR cover photo was re-used on the UK New English Library book THE GUN RUNNER, a book   featured on my 2012 Ben Haas catalog.



THE WALLS OF HEAVEN – Jonathan Scott, Signet T3309, 1968.

VIOLENCE AT SUNDOWN – Frank O’Rourke, Signet D3355, 1968.

SEACLIFFE – Edwina Noone, Signet D3357, 1968. Pen name of Michael Avallone.




NO TRANSFER – Stephen Walton, Signet P3376, 1968.

STIRRUPS IN THE DUST – Burt Arthur, Signet D3378, 1968.

SWEET ORGY – Alec Hilton, Signet T3394, 1968.



SPANISH FEVER – Norman Bogner, Signet T3416, 1968.

THE LOVE TRIBE – Joseph Mathewson, Signet T3418, 1968.

NAKED IN BABYLON – Gwen Davis, Signet T3423, 1968. Morgan Kane’s front and back cover photos on his copy of the cover proof. All covers proofs courtesy of Jeff Kane.

SWING LOW, SWEET HARRIET – George Baxt, Signet P3425, 1968.

YOUNG MR. KEEFE – Stephen Birmingham, Signet T3461, 1968.


MR. AND MRS. BO JO JONES – Ann Head, Signet T3466, 1968.

One of Morgan Kane’s most popular cover images. Signet re-used this cover on the next 50 printings over many years. Reprints include Signet Q5230, Y6440 and AE6319.

THE SECRETARY’S MANUAL – J. H. Stroman, Signet T3469, 1968.

THE SINS OF PHILIP FLEMING – Irving Wallace, Signet T3474, 1968.

Compare her pose to THE SURVIVOR, Signet P3086, 1968.


THE BEAT OF LIFE – Barbara Probst Solomon, Signet T3527, 1968.

HARTSPRING BLOWS HIS MIND – Ernest Lockridge, Signet T3573, 1968.

The young man blowing his mind on the cover is the photographer’s son, Jeff Kane

THE SHORT YEAR – Barbra Ward, Signet T3621, 1968.




ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR MISUNDERSTANDING – Robert Gover, Ballantine 01643, 1969.

A 1971 reprint with the same cover photo is shown here.

For unknown reasons, Ballantine used many different covers for this book. Morgan Kane is credited for this one on the copyright page.

NOAH – J. F. Burke, Bantam N3957, 1969.

DOWNSTAIRS AT RAMSEY’S – James Leigh, Bantam N3958, 1969.





THE COUNTESS ANGELIQUE – Sergeanne Golon, Bantam N4367, 1969. Different photo on back cover.

Reprinted as Bantam Q6511 in 1971. Morgan Kane selected this back cover photo for his mailer.

MONKEY ON A STRING – Joseph Viertel, Pocket 75332, 1969.




SCANDAL’S CHILD-Edmund Schiddel, Pocket 77035, 1969.

Front & back shown. Although the most well-known cover for this book was a James Bama Bantam, there were earlier editions from Pocket Books including this Morgan Kane.

COPPERSMITH – Robert James Griffin, Pyramid T1919, 1969.

PRINCE BART – Jay Richard Kennedy, Pyramid N1948, 1969.

THE REAL 007 – Bill Wharton, Pyramid T2019, 1969.

TEXAS BLOOD – Bradford Scott, Pyramid R2025, 1969.

A NICE GIRL LIKE ME – Anne Piper, Pyramid T2044, 1969. Movie tie-in.







BLOOD BROTHER, BLOOD BROTHER – Niles N. Peebles, Pyramid X2042, 1969.

THE REEFS OF EDEN –Conn Maguire, Pyramid N2062, 1969. Reprinted as Pyramid N2571 in 1971 with identical cover. It is that second printing shown here.

COPPERSMITH’S DOLLS – Robert James Griffin, Pyramid N2072, 1969. Sequel to COPPERSMITH, Pyramid T1919.

THE BEAUTIFUL COUPLE – William Woolfolk, Signet Q3737, 1969.


ZERO COOL – John Lange, Signet T3746, 1969. Pseudonym of Michael Crichton.

HEIST ME HIGHER – Bill S. Ballinger, Signet P3799, 1969.

THE WORLD IS FULL OF MARRIED MEN – Jackie Collins, Signet Q3833, 1969.

AN ORDERLY LIFE – Jose Yglesias, Signet Q3973, 1969.


TALK – Linda Rosenkrantz, Signet Q4045, 1969.

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