1145 STAB IN THE DARK – Rayter, 1957.  “Cover painting by George Zeil” (sic). e
77598 LINGARD – Wilson, 1972 “cover art by George Ziel”. 5


Popular Library 445-00236-125 THE DARKENING NIGHT by Jane Elliott, 1975 thanks to Ruben at

4 445-00252-125 GRAVE’S COMPANY – Nichols, 1975. This is the same art, flipped, used on BLACKWOOD, Curtis 09256 (1974), shown above. Popular Library owned Curtis Books, which also explains the Simenon covers that follow.
3 445-00368-125 MAIGRET AND THE INFORMER – Simenon, 1976. Obviously inspired by the success of Ziel’s Maigret covers for Curtis, Popular Library continued the series for three similar covers in 1976.
445-00369-125 MAIGRET’S FAILURE – Simenon, 1976. 2
445-00386-125 THE WHITE DRESS – Eberhart, 1976. 1
2 445-00393-125 MAIGRET AND THE BUM – Simenon, 1976.
3 445-00419-125 CASTLE FOR THE LEFT HAND – Scott, 1976.
0-445-04107-2 THE STORM WITCH – Barr, 1977. Uncredited. Compare to ALTA IN THE SHADOWS (Freeway Press), credited to Ziel, above. Another Ziel trademark is a shadow falling over just part of a face. Sometimes, like this cover, the shadow falls over the lower face, drawing attention to the unshadowed eyes. Sometimes, as on CASTLE FOR THE LEFT HAND above, the shadow falls over the eyes only.


CASA MADRONE – Mignon G. Eberhart, Popular Library 04645-7, 1981.

PRESSES POCKET (French-language)

Presses Pocket 973 MYSTERIEUSE CLEMENTINE – Eden, 1973. Published in France. Reuses art from Dell 8316, THIS STRANGE ADVENTURE. 5



G177 (see below with PR21)

G185 THE SIN UNDERNEATH – Plagemann, 1956.   “Cover painting by George Zeal” (sic)

Pyramid back cover credits spell Ziel’s name either correctly or, as in this case, as Zeal.

R207 YAMA, THE HELL HOLE – Kuprin, 1956.

Canadian Pyramid 516, 1957. Scan courtesy of Steve Wallace.

R211 DRINKERS OF DARKNESS – Hanley, 1956. 8
G224 THE DAMNED ONE – des Cars, 1956.

Except for the fact that the blonde’s head does not appear to be attached to her body, this is a fine example of a vintage paperback cover

Canadian Pyramid 517, 1956. During the late 1950s, Canadian Pyramids used their own numbering system.


0 G278 BITTER LOVE – Taylor, 1957.  “Cover painting by George Zeal”.
9 G309 YALLER GAL – Lee, 1958.
"Cover painting by George Zeal".

Canadian Pyramid 578, 1958. Scan courtesy of Grant Thiessen.

G177 PERE GORIOT – Balzac, 1956 & PR21 PERE GORIOT – Balzac, 1958. These two editions have the same cover. PR21 is shown here.

There are two versions of this cover. PR21S, below, covers up her bare shoulders and naughty stocking tops. And something has happened to that man in the chair.

Canadian Pyramid 547, 1957. Thanks to Grant Thiessen for adding these Canadian editions to our list.

PR21S PERE GORIOT – Balzac, 1960. 7
6 R541 YAMA THE PIT – Kuprin, 1960.Reprints R207 with new title.
5 G648 YALLER GAL – Lee, 1961.  “Cover painting by George Zeal”. Second edition of Pyramid G309.
F874 THE DAMNED ONE – des Cars, 1963   Reprints G224. 4
V3589 THE UNBIDDEN – Chetwynd-Hayes, 1975. 3
2 V3633 COLD TERROR – Chetwynd-Hayes, 1975.
1 V3741 DRACULA BEGAN – Kimberly, 1976.
V3924 TERROR BY NIGHT – Chetwynd-Hayes, 1976. Compare the little girl holding a toy bear to the back cover art for FIGHTING BACK (Jove 0-515-05120-9) shown above. 2


1147 A KISS BEFORE DYING – Levin, 1954. The earliest Ziel cover on this checklist 3
4 1397 IN A SUMMER SEASON – Lewisohn, 1957.
4 S1770 A KISS BEFORE DYING – Levin, 1960. Second printing.
D2867 THE WOMAN WITHOUT A NAME – Janifer, 1966. Signet reprinted this over the next decade several times. We’ve seen a second printing, Signet T5537, dated 1973, and a fifth printing, Q6927, dated 1976.  This might be Ziel. 5


76-395 THE CANDLE AND THE TOWER – Spector, ed., 1974. Cover art reused from Paperback Library 63-202, THE PRISONER OF GARVE. “Warner Paperback Library”. 56
6 79-815 FRIGHTS – McCauley, 1977. Reuses Ziel’s cover art from the St. Martin’s hardcover. Ziel is credited as the artist on the hardcover.
67 79-815 back cover.

Lynn Munroe Books