Since we list these alphabetically by publisher, the list starts this time with one from the “maybe” file. I suspect George Ziel might be the artist, but I’m not positive. It is possible this could be the work of a different artist. You can help this project if you know who painted this cover.


DANDELION WINE – Ray Bradbury, Bantam Pathfinder FP55, 1964. Reprints Bantam A1922 with new cover.

Artist unknown, no signature, no credit.


Among the many reprints: Corgi UK GN7240 and Bantam NP8027.

DAWN WIND – Christina Savage, Dell 11792, 1980. Front and back covers shown. Dell also published a 1980 hardcover book club edition with same cover art, shown here below the paperback.




THE SMALL TAWNY CAT – Virginia Coffman, Lancer 74611, 1968.



Back cover. Lancer almost never gave cover artist credit, so it is pretty cool to find this one, even if they did spell Ziel’s name wrong.



HAELSTROM MANOR – S.J. Treibich, Magnum 75-509, no date (1973). Reprints Lancer 73-513 & 73-831 with new cover.

My thanks to my friend Ruben at, who saw this and recognized the distinctive horse Ziel also used on other covers.

Back cover has same painting.

CASA MADRONE – Mignon G. Eberhart, Popular Library 04645-7, 1981.

BARRAGE – Mary Roberts Rinehart, Collection Nous Deux 353, France 1976.


French-language edition of THE BREAKING POINT uses the Ziel cover art from Dell 0795, the American edition of the same book.


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