OONA O’ – Thomas Gallagher, Avon N379, 1971. Reprints Avon S217 with new cover.


When I interviewed Ann Host, who had modeled for Tom Miller, she showed me a painting he gave her. I did not recognize it then as a book cover, but a couple years later I saw it on the website.

It’s even signed, but like a lot of signed Millers the signature is so small it is very hard to see.

THE MARIGOLD FIELD – Diane Pearson, Bantam N5742, 1971.


I knew Tom Miller worked for Dell and Monarch and Fawcett. I had no clue he ever did a cover for Bantam. But while studying lots of Bantams for our 2017 Morgan Kane catalog, I noticed this cover. The way she holds the flower to her face is practically a signature. And sure enough, it is signed Miller just to the left of her shoulder.

HOLIDAY TO FEAR – Arlene Hale, Dell 3667, 1970. Dell Candlelight Romance 43.


Tom Miller painted many covers for Dell romances, and they continue to turn up. There must be some still out there. Here are five more.

STAR OF DANGER – Elsie Lee, Dell 8250, 1971.


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Elsie Lee (1912-1987) was a paperback writer from New York City. She wrote more than 30 paperbacks under her own name and pseudonyms like Elsie Cromwell, Lee Sheridan, Ian Gordon and Jane Gordon.



THE SHINING MISCHIEF – Barbara Levy, Dell 7925, 1972.


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HOLLY ANDREWS: NURSE IN ALASKA – Suzanne Roberts, Dell 3697, 1974. Dell Candlelight Romance 134.


Another book for the “maybe” file. I can’t prove this is Tom Miller, it might be a different artist. But it reminds me of his work very much. And she has her hand up toward her throat.



LAND OF ENCHANTMENT – Vera Craig, Dell 4616, 1974. Dell Candlelight Romance 130.  Reprints ENCHANTED NURSE, a 1969 UK hardcover from Robert Hale.


Like a recurring theme, and like these last three Dells, countless Miller covers have a woman holding her hand up toward her throat.


This date, 1974, should be too late for a Tom Miller Dell. Before this update I had seen Dells from 1960 to 1971, but nothing after that date. By 1974 he was working for Fawcett. So either Dell held this for years before releasing it, or Miller, who was always a freelance artist, continued to paint occasional covers for Dell as late as 1974.


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