Reed Nightstand Checklist

Reed Nightstand:1973

3001 LOVE ADDICT – Don Elliott (Robert Silverberg). Reprints Nightstand NB 1501.

3002 LUST CLUB – John McCormick. Reprints NB 1502. McCormick was a one-shot, nobody remembers the real name behind that pen name.

3003 SEX GANG - Paul Merchant
(Harlan Ellison). Reprints NB 1503.

3004 GANG GIRL – Don Elliott
(Robert Silverberg). Reprints NB 1504.

Nightstand NB 1505

3005 CAMPUS TRAMP – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1505. To give an idea how the original Nightstand covers were re-created, the 1960 first edition of CAMPUS TRAMP is shown here. In 1973, miniskirts and sideburns were in, bobby sox were out.

3006 WANTON WIFE – J. X. Williams (John William Jakes). Reprints NB 1506: CARNIVAL OF LUST. Williams quickly became a house name, but Jakes used it first. Turning your own real name around was one of the most common methods of devising a pen name. (Say “JX” together fast.)

Nightstand NB 1507

3007 THE WILD NIGHT – Don Holliday (Hal Dresner). Reprints NB 1507. Once again, to illustrate how the artists updated the original McCauley covers, Nightstand NB 1507 is shown here also.

3008 SUMMERTIME AFFAIR – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1508.

3009 PARTY GIRL – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1509. They published 8 each month, so this starts the second month, explaining the back to back titles by the same author, a practice they usually tried to avoid.

3010 NOT FOR FREE – Al James. Reprints NB 1510: BORN FOR SIN. Al James, born Al James Hjerstedt, preferred to put his own name on his books. He is the son of the crime writer Day Keene.

Nightstand NB 1511

3011 THE ADULTERERS – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1511. The original 1960 story is set in modern day Mexico but the McCauley cover (shown here) gave it an Old Mexico feel. When they reprinted the book in 1973 they stayed with that look..

3012 NAKED HOLIDAY – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1512. Although the books of 1973 were usually much sexier than those of 1960, the cover art is toned down here. In the original the woman is naked, in the reprint she wears a bikini.

3013 BORN TO BE BAD – John Dexter, Reprints NB 1513: NO LONGER A VIRGIN. Dexter was a house name, this first one was Donald E. Westlake's first book for Hamling.

3014 THE TORMENTED – Marlene Longman (Robert Silverberg). Reprints NB 1514: SIN GIRLS. Silverberg has a copy of this edition in his library. He says the publisher wanted a woman's name for this lesbian story.

3015 MORE THAN A TANGO – Don Holliday. Reprints NB 1515: PASSION SCHOOL. The original Nightstand said Don Holliday on the cover, but J.X. Williams on the title page. Hal Dresner told me this was written by Williams, not Holliday, but the authorship error carried over to the reprint. If it is Williams, this is probably written by John Jakes. Title is a nod to the then-topical movie LAST TANGO IN PARIS.

3016 THE INSTRUCTOR – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1516: SIN ON WHEELS.

3017 THE CORRUPTED – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1517: HIGH SCHOOL SEX CLUB. The Nightstand had Andrew Shaw on the cover, John Dexter on the title page. Cover art: all of the first 24 covers are recognizable as re-workings of the original art, except this one, by Robert Bonfils. . The blonde model and dress appear to match THE WILD NIGHT, 3007. The name on the packet being emptied into her drink is “Caliente.”

3018 LAST STOP HOTEL – Don Holliday (Hal Dresner). Reprints NB 1518: SIN HOTEL.

3019 MIAMI CALL GIRL – John Dexter (Al James). Reprints NB 1519. With this original Nightstand, Dexter became a rotating “house name”. Everybody from Marion Zimmer Bradley to Clyde Allison would be John Dexter. Cover art: in the original a naked woman stands looking out a window. In the reprint, she wears a see-through nightgown.

3020 THE SWITCHERS – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1520: THE SIN-DAMNED.

3021 CARNAL CAGE – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1521: PASSION TRAMP

3022 THE GIRLS UPSTAIRS – Don Holliday (Hal Dresner). Reprints NB 1522

3023 THE TAINTED ONE – Marlene Longman (Marion Zimmer Bradley). Reprints NB 1523: LESBIAN LOVE. There are two books by Longman, and Robert Silverberg says he only wrote the first one (see THE TORMENTED, 3014). Bradley never acknowledged many of her lesbian titles, but her name has been linked to this book for years.

3024 JUNGLE STREET – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1524: SEX JUNGLE.

3025 RUNAWAY BEACH – Don Holliday (Hal Dresner). Reprints NB 1533: PASSION SHACK. Haphazard order of reprints starts here, and from now on the cover art will no longer redraw the originals.

3026 THE LIBERTINES – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1534: COLLEGE FOR SINNERS.

3027 NOWHERE GIRL – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1542: WILD DIVORCEE.

3028 THE TEMPTRESS – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1544: LUST GODDESS.

3029 STUD – Don Holliday (Hal Dresner). Reprints NB 1532 .

3030 THE MAN COLLECTOR – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1547: CONVENTION GIRL. A fine example of the cover art of Ed Smith

3031 THE WANTONS – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1548: GIRLS ON THE PROWL.

3032 THE WRONG WAY TO GO – John Dexter. Reprints NB 1549: ISLE OF SIN.

3033 THE UNASHAMED – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1543: THE TWISTED ONES.

3034 CINDERELLA SIMS – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1546: $20 LUST. As we've shown before on earlier catalogs, there is little difference between $20 LUST and MONA, the Gold Medal crime novel Lawrence Block wrote under his own name the same year. Block has said that MONA was an Andrew Shaw book that somebody realized was good enough to sell to a mainstream publisher. And just as sure as MONA was an Andrew Shaw book, $20 LUST was a Lawrence Block Gold Medal the author decided wasn't quite good enough. But as they say, whatever goes around comes around, and in 2003 Lawrence Block reprinted $20. LUST under his original title, CINDERELLA SIMS, and under his real name, in a hardcover edition from Subterranean Press. This was wonderful for several reasons, not the least of which was the author's confirmation that he was the first Andrew Shaw. But in the interim, in 1973, his original publisher Nightstand Books had already reprinted the story, apparently without the author's knowledge, as CINDERELLA SIMS. I have more to say about this hardboiled mystery story in the “Notes” section below.


3035 ONE MAN'S HELL – Tony Calvano (Thomas P. Ramirez). Reprints NB 1535: SEX CAT.

3036 TRAMP – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1541.

3037 FOR ANY ARMS – Tony Calvano (Thomas P. Ramirez). Reprints NB 1539:  THE SOUND OF LUST. Impossibly scarce.

3038 THE LUSTFUL ONES – Clyde Allison (William Henley Knoles). Reprints NB 1525. Cover art: Robert Bonfils reworked his cover art from HOUSE HOP (Ember Library 343, 1966), shown here. A different artist swiped the image for the 1966 Midwood SEASON OF SIN / DAYTIME LOVERS, shown here:


MIDWOOD 34-609

3039 THE WIFE SWAPPERS – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1526

3040 SINGLES PAD – Don Holliday (Hal Dresner). Reprints NB 1540: BACHELOR APARTMENT.

3041 TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER – Al James. Reprints NB 1527: SEX MODEL.

3042 DEPRAVITY TOWN – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1537: MISTRESS OF SIN.

3043 THE FLESH MERCHANTS – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1529: THE FLESH PEDDLERS.

3044 THE SHAMEFUL BREED – Al James. Reprints NB 1538: SEX BOMB. Cover by Ed Smith.

3045 LOVER – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1551.

3046 THE ARMS OF GLORY HILL – J.X. Williams (John Jakes). Reprints NB 1552: SEX SPY.

3047 FOUR WILD GIRLS – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1553: TRAILER TROLLOP.

3048 KEEP THE CLIENTS HAPPY – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1558: EXPENSE ACCOUNT SINNERS. Photo cover.

3049 THE LECHER – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1528.

3050 BAD GIRL – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB 1531: SEXPOT.

3051 THE WICKED WEEKEND – Wallace Neville. Reprints NB 1550: ORGY TOWN by Will Newbury. First example of changing the author's name as well as the title.

3052 FIFTEEN NIGHTS OF LOVE – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1554: SIN CRUISE.

3053 FLESH IS MY UNDOING – Carter Allen (William Knoles). Reprints NB 1555 by Clyde Allison.

3054 FOR THE LOVE OF TOY MIN – Carter Allen (William Knoles). Reprints NB 1557: MALAY MISTRESS by Clyde Allison.

3055 THE DEFILERS – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1561: THE SINNING SEASON by Tony Calvano.

3056 THE DEVIL'S MAIDENS – Andrew Shaw (William Coons). Reprints NB 1566: SIN DEVIL. Coons was a ghostwriter for Lawrence Block.

3057 THE MAN HATER – Jeremy Dunn. Reprints NB 1536: LUST GIRL by John Dexter.

3058 ONE BED TOO MANY – Jeremy Dunn (Robert Silverberg). Reprints NB 1530: STRIPPER by John Dexter.

3059 FIND HER, KEEP HER – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1559: LOVE NEST by Tony Calvano. Now, except for NB 1561 and 1566, which have already been reprinted, all the rest of the first 100 Nightstands will be reprinted in order.

3060 THE DOUBLE LIFERS – Lawrence Lake. Reprints NB 1560: SEEDS OF SIN by Louis Lorraine.

3061 THE GIRL YOU LOVE TO HATE – Jeremy Dunn (William Knoles). Reprints NB 1562: SIN SONG by John Dexter. Wanted.

3062 THE CARNAL CROWD – Andrew Shaw (William Coons) Reprints NB 1563: PASSION SLAVES.

3063 EVERY NIGHT IN ROME… - Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1564: THE SINFUL ONES.

3064 THE BED AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1565: BACKSTAGE SINNER.

(End 1973: 8 groups of 8 per month).

Reed Nightstand 1974

4001 MELANIE'S MEN – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1567: LINGERIE MODEL by Tony Calvano. Photo cover.

4002 THE VENUS AFFAIR – Jeremy Dunn (Robert Silverberg). Reprints NB 1568: THE BRA PEDDLERS by Don Elliott.

4003 THE BRAZEN CORPS – Andrew Shaw (William Coons). Reprints NB 1569: ARMY SIN GIRLS.

4004 THE SAVAGE BREED – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1570: GIRLS FOR GIL SAVAGE by Tony Calvano.

4005 THE CHEATING GAME – Carter Allen (William Knoles). Reprints NB 1571: SEX TRAP by Clyde Allison.

4006 THE GODDESS MAKERS – Jeremy Dunn (Robert Silverberg). Reprints NB 1572: SIN FESTIVAL by John Dexter. Cover art by Ed Smith.

4007 TO KISS A DRAGON – Carter Allen (William Knoles). Reprints NB 1573: JADE BROTHEL by Clyde Allison.

4008 THE LADY FROM SOHO – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1574: SIN CLUB.

4009 THE OBSESSED – Andrew Shaw (William Coons). Reprints NB 1575: HOUSE OF 7 SINS.

4010 WIFE IN NAME ONLY – Jeremy Dunn. (Robert Silverberg). Reprints NB 1576: SEX THIEVES by John Dexter.

4011 TILL LOVE DO US PART – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1577: LUST SEEKERS.

4012 NO STAIN SO DEEP – Andrew Shaw (William Coons). Reprints NB 1578: PONYTAIL TRAMP.

4013 THE COME OUT – Dean Hudson (Evan Hunter). Reprints NB 1579: LAS VEGAS LUST. Robert Bonfils told us that after a decade of work as art director for Hamling, this was one of his last covers. He retired in 1974.

4014 TOO RESTLESS, TOO READY – Allan Mansfield (Nedra Westlake). Reprints NB 1580: SIN RESORT by Alan Marshall. In an interview, Nedra told me she ghostwrote this for her then-husband Don “Alan Marshall” Westlake.

4015 LESS THAN AN ANGEL – Allan Mansfield (Donald E. Westlake). Reprints NB 1581: CALL ME SINNER by Alan Marshall.

4016 NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – Carter Allen (William Knoles). Reprints NB 1582: FLESH FOR HIRE by Clyde Allison.

4017 THE BODY BROKERS – Dean Hudson (Evan Hunter). Reprints NB 1583: WALL STREET WANTON.

4018 ANY MAN'S GIRL – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1584: TOO MANY BEDS by Tony Calvano.

4019 NO GARDEN FOR EVE – Jeremy Dunn. Reprints NB 1585: FLESH FESTIVAL by John Dexter. (Not to be confused with a different John Dexter book, Evening Reader ER 1241, NO ADAM FOR EVE by Marion Zimmer Bradley.)

4020 CRY OF THE NAKED – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1586: SEX PAWN by Tony Calvano.

4021 THE DECADENT – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints Midnight Reader MR 401: LUST QUEEN. At this point, Reed Nightstand begins reprinting the first 20 Midnight Readers in order, four each month, alternating with the next 4 Nightstands, in their original order.

4022 THE LOVELOST – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints MR 402: PASSION IN PAINT.

4023 WELCOME THE WICKED – Don Holliday . Reprints MR 403: SIN SHOW.

4024 THE WILD ONES – Andrew Shaw ( Lawrence Block). Reprints MR 404: MOTEL SEX CLUB. (To add to the confusion, this reprint uses a title already used on a different Andrew Shaw book – Evening Reader ER 713.)

4025 THE BED AND THE SWORD – Harold Robeson. Reprints NB 1587: CORRIDA OF SIN by Lyn Warlick. The initials of the new pen name always match the initials of the original pen name. But not here.

4026 THE LAST CARESS – Don Holliday (Lawrence Block). Reprints NB1588: BORDER LUST. Mr. Block tells us he ghosted this for his friend Hal Dresner.

4027 THE FORBIDDEN – Allan Mansfield (Donald E. Westlake). Reprints NB 1589: THE PAGES OF SIN by Alan Marshall.

4028 BUY BUY BABY – Jeremy Dunn (Lawrence Block and William Coons). Reprints NB 1590: MAN FOR RENT by John Dexter.

4029 THE VIOLATED – Andrew Shaw (William Coons). Reprints MR 405: LUST DAMNED.

4030 THE UNTAMED – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints MR 406: STREETS OF SIN.

4031 FOR BITTER OR WORSE – Don Holliday (Arthur Plotnik). Reprints MR 407: GIRL TAKERS. Plotnik was a ghostwriter for Hal Dresner. Not seen.

4032 UP IN LINDA'S ROOM – Andrew Shaw (Peter Hochstein). Reprints MR 408: LUST CAMPUS.

4033 HIS KIND OF GIRL – Jeremy Fitzgerald. Reprints NB 1591: THE SIN TRAVELLERS by Don Holliday. It is not known why the pen name was changed on the Don Holliday reprints for this book and 4039 below.

4034 HAD A WIFE AND WOULDN'T KEEP HER – Alan Jenkins (Al James). Reprints NB 1592: “NICE GIRL” by Al James. Al was not aware this had been reprinted.

4035 THE SEDUCTION GAME – Dean Hudson (Evan Hunter). Reprints NB 1593: CASTING COUCH.

4036 THE DEPRAVED – Jeremy Dunn. Reprints NB 1594: SIN COLONY by John Dexter.

4037 PITY THE DAMNED - Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints MR 409: SLUM SINNERS.

4038 THE BRUTALIZED – Carter Allen (William Knoles). Reprints MR 410: THE SEX RIDDLE by Clyde Allison.

4039 NEVER MORE THAN A KISS – Jeremy Fitzgerald (Hal Dresner). Reprints MR 411: HELL'S HARLOT by Don Holliday.

4040 NO PLEASURE SO PAINFUL – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints MR 412: ROADHOUSE GIRL. Scarce.

4041 EVERY GIRL ON CALL – Allan Mansfield. Reprints NB 1595: CESSPOOL by Alan Marshall.

4042 THE GAME SUSAN PLAYED – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints NB 1596: LUST CAPTIVE .

4043 THE COMPANY SHE KEPT – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1597: LUST TRADERS by Tony Calvano.

4044 THE CARNAL CANDIDATE – Dean Hudson (Evan Hunter). Reprints NB 1598: PASSION MAN.

4045 SATAN'S PLACE – Allan Mansfield. Reprints MR 413: SINLAND by Alan Marshall.

4046 A CHANGE FOR THE BEDDER – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints MR 414: 3 SINNERS. Scarce.

4047 THE WOMAN – Jeremy Dunn. Reprints MR 415: PASSION BRIDE by John Dexter.

4048 THE TROUBLE WITH KAREN – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block). Reprints MR 416: LUST SLUM.

4049 A PIECE OF THE ACTION – Andrew Shaw (Lawrence Block and Donald E. Westlake). Reprints NB 1599: SIN HELLCAT.

4050 TWO SISTERS, ONE SHAME – Jeremy Dunn. Reprints NB 1600: PASSION PIT by John Dexter.

4051 NO PRIVATE AFFAIR – Carter Allen (William Knoles). Reprints NB 1601: LUST GAME by Clyde Allison.

4052 THE SHAME OF RUBY LINCOLN – Thomas Carr (Thomas Ramirez). Reprints NB 1602: SIN TEACHER by Tony Calvano.

4053 TOO MUCH MONEY, TOO MANY SINS – Jeremy Dunn. Reprints MR 417: THE BULLPEN GIRLS by John Dexter.

4054 ECSTASY STREET – Dean Hudson (Evan Hunter). Reprints MR 418: PASSION SUBURB.

4055 NONE BUT THE WICKED – Don Elliott (Silverberg). Reprints MR 419: LUST CULT.

4056 PITCH MAN, LOVER MAN – Andrew Shaw (William Coons). Reprints MR 420: PASSION C.O.D. Reed Nightstand 4056 is the last of the reprints. There are apparently 16 more Reed Nightstands, but they are books by authors not known to us. In 1974 and 1975, Greenleaf re-activated the Midnight Reader line for a new series of 70s-style novels, and the last 16 Reed Nightstands match the new Midnight Readers in design and in many of the author's names.

4057 SATAN'S LITTLE ACRE – William Scott. I have read this one and can verify it is not the next Nightstand or Midnight Reader reprint.

4058 THE WIFE ARRANGEMENT – Daniel Gorman.

4059 UNDER THE COUNTER GIRL – James Dempsey.

4060 I, A WANTON – J.S. Bradley.

4061 DEGRADATION ROW – Calvin Hawkes.


4063 THE DEPRAVED WEEKEND – Emerson Taylor.

4064 THE PAGANS – Robert Kelly.

4065 THE BRIDE BUYERS – Pamela West.

4066 DEPRAVITY'S STAR – Larry Tucker.

4067 THE CARNAL BEDS – Patrick Lund. Scan courtesy of Jeffrey Rich.

4068 YESTERDAY'S SHAME – J.S. Bradley.

4069 CATCH A FALLEN ANGEL – Sam Sheldon.

4070 WAYLAID WOMAN – Sam Sheldon.

4071 THE DATING SHAME – Lynn Dubois (Linda DuBreuil).


(End 1974: 9 groups of 8 per month.)

Of related interest:

Reed Classic Library CL 102 THE SUPREME COURT OBSCENITY DECISIONS (Greenleaf Classics, 1973) Publisher's Foreword by William Hamling, Overview by Stanley Fleishman (Hamling's lawyer).


Of the first 102 Nightstand Books, the editors of the Reed Nightstands chose to reprint 100 of them. Why they omitted two of the books is now unknown.  The two Nightstands not found in Reed Nightstand reprints are:

NB 1545 SIN CAMP – Tony Calvano

NB 1556 SEX CIRCUS – John Dexter

All the rest of the first 102, from NB 1501 to NB 1602, are reprinted as Reed Nightstands, in this order:

1973 – 64 Nightstands are reprinted as 64 Reed Nightstands

1974 – 73 Reed Nightstands are printed. 36 are Nightstand reprints, 20 reprint the first 20 Midnight Readers, and the last 16 are not reprints. 64 in 1973 plus 36 in 1974 = 100 Nightstand reprints.

Forty years later, Lawrence Block reprinted Nightstand NB 1546, $20 LUST by Andrew Shaw, under his real name. For a title he chose his original title, CINDERELLA SIMS. The next time Block was in town signing his books at Book Carnival, I asked him to sign Reed Nightstand 3034, CINDERELLA SIMS by Andrew Shaw. He looked at it in genuine surprise and he said, “Oh! I guess they reprinted it under my original title. Well, I can't think of any reason not to sign the damn thing now.” And he signed it.

My theory is when they went to reprint the books, they sometimes used the author's original title right from the manuscript. All of the authors have told us whatever they called the book, the editors would then slap a meaningless two-word title on it, SEX PAWN or SIN DEVIL or SWAP FEAST or whatever. But if you read the books, the titles of a lot of the Reed Nightstands make more sense than the originals. There are exceptions of course, but THE GIRL YOU LOVE TO HATE is much more on target than SIN SONG, and THE SHAME OF RUBY LINCOLN is more accurate than SIN TEACHER. Does this shoot down my theory that they changed the titles to rip off the authors? Not necessarily. Maybe they changed the titles just to sell more copies. Maybe they disliked some of the old generic titles. Maybe the pen name change alone was enough to rip off the writers. Anybody might have written one of these with a general title like THE FORBIDDEN or THE DEPRAVED. This was 13 years or so after the books had been written. If the author is dead or absent, what does it matter what title is put on the reprint? Was the publisher trying to slip one past the agent? Or vice versa? As William Coons once said, “the characters in these books weren't the only ones getting screwed”.

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