Pyramid G468 – THE WOMAN RACKET by Gil Lawrence, PBO (Paperback Original) 1959.

THE WOMAN RACKET was Pyramid's last book dated 1959. Tom Miller painted for more than six decades, but he was a paperback cover artist of the 1960s and 1970s.

As always, all of the thumbnails on this checklist are pop-ups. Click on any to see a larger image.

Dell FE B144 – THE PACE THAT KILLS by William Fuller, PBO 1960.

The hairstyle suggests the same model was used for THE WOMAN RACKET and THE PACE THAT KILLS.

Dell FE B160 – CRACK IN THE MIRROR by Marcel Haedrich – PBO, 1960. MTI (movie tie-in) on back cover.  Compare art to movie poster of Juliette Greco & Bradford Dillman.

Dell D353 – THE WAY UP by Joseph Whitehill, 1st PB, 1960.  A bright and beautiful cover painting that perfectly evokes the early sixties, Tom Miller's THE WAY UP is iconic and – hey wait, isn't that Don Draper??

Pocket 6027 – THE CASE OF THE LONELY HEIRESS by Erle Stanley Gardner, 4th pr, 1960. Reprints Pocket 922 with new cover.

Thank you to a keen-eyed paperback collector named Steve Wallace, who realized this was NOT a Verne Tossey cover (Tossey painted the cover for Pocket 922, used on the first three printings) as has been suggested elsewhere. Steve Wallace somehow realized that faint tiny signature under the fur coat says “Miller”.


Dell D394 – Maybe

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES by Patrick Quentin, 1st PB 1960. “Cover painting by Robert McGuire.”

We believe this cover art is either by Robert Maguire or Tom Miller. See “The Maybe File” for the story on this book.

One of Tom Miller's trademarks was a woman clutching something up to her collarbone. See for example THE PACE THAT KILLS, ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, EITHER IS LOVE, THE STRANGE WOMEN, THAT GIRL MARIAN, A HALO FOR DR. MICHAEL, CAMPUS LOVERS, THE THIRD WAY, NEIGHBORS AND LOVERS, LOVE OF 7 DOLLS, MARY, etc, etc.

Dell F121 – THE CROWDED SKY by Hank Searls, 1st PB, 1960. MTI inside.

Dells have back cover artist credit. This one says  “Cover painting by Tom Miller”.

Pyramid G469 – ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING – novelization by Ann Pinchot from the Harry Kurnitz play and screenplay. PBO 1960. MTI with art depicting Kay Kendall and Yul Brynner.

Miller's cover for Pyramid G468, THE WOMAN RACKET above, was their last paperback dated 1959. This is their first from 1960.

Scans courtesy of

Pyramid G488 – SHADOWS OF SHAME by John Taylor, 2nd pb, 1960. Reprints Pyramid G189 with new cover. 

Pyramid G497 – EITHER IS LOVE by Elisabeth Craigin, 1st thus, 1960. Reprints Lion 74 & LB-122.

As a Miller collector, this cover surprised me because it does not meet the stylistic checkpoints I identify with most Miller paintings – brightness, clarity, and an almost photorealistic sharpness. To me this cover is in a style I associate with different artists – muddy, “unfinished”, loose, sketchy. But Pyramid often let us know who painted its book covers, and the back cover credit here says Tom Miller. Since there will be a handful of other Miller covers also in this style, I see no reason to doubt Pyramid.

Pyramid F841 – 2nd printing, 1963.

I agree that the abstract background on the first version was unattractive, but this solid black cover only makes the image muddier and darker. It reminds me more of the opposite of a Miller cover. Was it repainted, or just touched up? Note that the redhead's red dress, which abruptly stops with a splash of the background color on the first edition, now continues to the bottom of the painting.

Pyramid G526 – THE HANDS OF LOVE by Maude Hutchins, 1st PB, 1960.

Reprinted in 1962 as Pyramid F782 with same cover and a 40c cover price.

Pyramid G568 DOCTORS AND LOVERS by Roy Sparkia, PBO 1960.


Dell FE B182 – STEVE BENTLEY'S CALYPSO CAPER by Robert Dietrich, PBO 1961. Pseudonym of E. Howard Hunt.

Although this cover art reminds some of us of SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, the back says “Cover painting by Tom Miller”.  

Dell FE B183 – LOVE OF LIFE by Margaret Manners, PBO 1961. TV tie-in.

Dell D428 – WHEN DOCTORS MARRY by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1961.

Dell D443 – THE DOCTOR'S BRIDE by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1961.

When Dell reprinted this in 1968 as Dell 2036, they used a new cover painting from the same artist, shown below.

Dell F164 – TOWN WITHOUT PITY by Manfred Gregor, 1st PB 1961. MTI. VG $5.

Although at first glance it looks like a photo from the movie, this is actually a realistic painting by Tom Miller. Dell usually credited its cover artists of this period with a note on the back cover, and TOWN WITHOUT PITY says “Cover painted by Tom Miller.”

Dell R123 – CALLING DR. KILDARE by Max Brand, 1st thus, 1961. Pseudonym of Frederick Faust.

The first book in the Dr. Kildare series.

Dell 0996 – 2nd printing, 1962. Why are there two different printings of the same book with the same cover price only a year apart? In mid-1962, Dell changed its numbering system to a four-digit code. The Dr. Kildare series were still best sellers so CALLING DR. KILDARE was re-issued with only the book number changed. The new system was based on the alphabet, with all books starting with the letter A beginning with a 0, right on through to books beginning with the letter Z starting with a 9. So books starting with the letter C like this one begin with a 0 or 1.

Monarch 189 – CAMPUS DOLL by Edwin West, PBO 1961. Pseudonym of Donald E. Westlake.

This was reprinted as Monarch 485 in 1964. The cover is identical, with a 50c price.

Although it is in color, the stark contrast of black and white helps make CAMPUS DOLL so visually arresting. I know this cover is unforgettable based on the sheer number of people who have told me how well they remember it.

Monarch 198 – CYNTHIA DOYLE, NURSE IN LOVE by Adelaide Humphries, 1st PB, 1961. Paperback version of a 1953 Avalon hardcover called NURSE LADY.

Monarch 206 – BY PASSION OBSESSED by V.J. Coberly, PBO 1961.

Monarch 223 – THE NURSE KNOWS BEST by Adelaide Humphries, 1st PB, 1961. Paperback version of a 1953 Avalon hardcover.

Monarch 227 – IT HAPPENED IN HAWAII by Carson Bingham, PBO 1961.

Pseudonym of Bruce Cassiday.

Pyramid G596 – WORLD SO WIDE by Sinclair Lewis – 1st thus, 1961.

The 1951 hardcover first appeared in paperback as Lion Library LL113 in 1956. When Lion Books was sold, several Lions re-appeared as Pyramids.

Pyramid G663 – KISS THE TIGER by Col. Franklin M. Davis Jr., PBO 1961.


Dell FE K110 – JEFF BENTON, M.D. by Adeline McElfresh, PBO 1962.


Dell R125 – DR. KILDAIRE'S TRIAL by Max Brand, 1st thus, April 1962.

Dell 1982 – 2nd pr, July 1962. As mentioned, Dell changed their numbering system in mid-1962. So there were two different editions of this same book in the same year with the same cover price. The old system was a letter & 3 digits; the new system was 4 digits, not in sequential order but based on the alphabet. All Dells with titles that started with the letter D started with a 1 or 2. (A 3rd printing of Dell 1982 has also been seen.) 

Dell R125

Dell 1982

Dell 1980 – DR. KILDARE'S CRISIS by Max Brand, 1st thus, 1962.

With the huge popularity of the TV show DR KILDARE (1961-66), Dell dusted off all the old Max Brand titles and they sold briskly. DR. KILDARE'S CRISIS first appeared in a 1940 issue of ARGOSY and then in hardcover from Grosset & Dunlap.

Kildare's 1940s popularity grew from pulp origins to a series of MGM movies, and then he was popular all over again in the 1960s.

Dell 1981 – DR. KILDARE'S SEARCH by Max Brand, 1st thus, 1962.

Dell 1983 – DR. KILDARE TAKES CHARGE by Max Brand, 1st thus 1962.

Dell 7712 – THE SECRET OF DR. KILDARE by Max Brand, 1st thus 1962.

Max Brand wrote seven books about Dr. Kildare. Tom Miller painted covers for all six of the Dell reprints in 1961 & 1962.  Dell did not have the rights to the seventh book, YOUNG DR. KILDARE, which was reprinted by Avon in 1962.  Lancer Books then brought out new Kildare TV tie-ins from other authors. 

Dell 1994 – THE DOCTOR MAKES A CHOICE by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1962.

Monarch MB522 – CRACK-UP IN SUBURBIA by Jay Carr, PBO 1962.

Monarch 238 – ASK FOR LOIS by John Barclay, PBO 1962.

Monarch 249 – THE STRANGE WOMEN by Miriam Gardner, PBO 1962. Pseudonym of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

THE STRANGE WOMEN has always been a key collectible thanks to its author and subject matter. I think Miller's cover, with two women beginning to undress, makes it even more desirable.

Monarch 251 – ISLAND NURSE by Marcia Ford, 1st PB, 1962.

Monarch 261 – THAT GIRL MARIAN by H. Vernor Dixon, PBO 1962.

Monarch 265 – A HALO FOR DR. MICHAEL by Dorothy Worley, 1st PB, 1962.

Monarch 286 – HER CHEATING HEART by Lloyd Kevin, PBO 1962.

Monarch 288 – SUBURBAN LOVERS by Jay Carr, PBO 1962.


Dell 2051 – THE DOCTOR'S STRANGE SECRET by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1963.

Monarch 294 – IRINA by Stuart Friedman, PBO 1963.

Monarch 334 – CAMPUS LOVERS by Edwin West, PBO 1963. Pseudonym of Donald E. Westlake.

Monarch 341 – NAKED WHEN WE DIE by Thom Martin, PBO 1963. 

Monarch 353 – LOVE HER, SHE'S YOURS by Daoma Winston, PBO 1963.

Monarch 358 – THE PITCHMEN by Don James, PBO 1963.

Monarch 366 – FRATERNITY ROW by Carlton Joyce, PBO 1963.

Monarch 372 – THE GANG GIRLS by Carson Bingham, PBO 1963. Pseudonym of Bruce Cassiday.

Monarch 373 – LANA by Monica Haviland, PBO 1963.

Monarch 377 – NIKKI REVISITED by Stuart Friedman, PBO 1963.

The sequel to NIKKI, Monarch 125, which had a cover by Robert Maguire.

Monarch 385 – MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE by Sam Webster, PBO 1963. Pseudonym of Ben Haas.

Monarch 397 – 21 SUNSET DRIVE by Henry Ellsworth, PBO 1963.

Paperback Library 52-208 – KEEPER OF THE KEYS by Earl Derr Biggers, 1st thus, 1963.

KEEPER OF THE KEYS (1932) has of course been reprinted many times. The first paperback edition was Dell 47 in 1944.

Fortunately for Miller collectors, he tended to work for publishers who credited their artists, like Pyramid, Monarch and Dell. We know this wonderful Paperback Library cover is a Miller only because his signature is visible on the cover.


Beacon B716X – SUMMER AFFAR by Brian Black – PBO 1964.

Reprinted as Softcover Library B959X with same cover in 1966.
Beacon never gave any credit to their cover artists, but Miller's signature can be seen on three of their 1964 covers. Since the art has been reduced to fit the books, the signatures are tiny. In 2014, a Tom Miller painting came up for auction. The image showed up on a 1966 Beacon, see THE LOVE CLINIC below.

Beacon B790X – THE THIRD WAY by Sheldon Lord, 3rd printing, 1964. Pseudonym of  Peter Hochstein. Reprints Beacon B491F (cover by Al Rossi) with new cover art.

Peter Hochstein was a friend of Lawrence Block who ghosted books for Block's pen names Sheldon Lord and Andrew Shaw.

See Softcover Library B1053S, below.

Beacon B793X – NEIGHBORS AND LOVERS by Carlton Gibbs, “2nd PB”, 1964.

Supposedly a reprint of Beacon B531, 1962. No one I know has ever seen B531, and we suspect it does not actually exist. It was planned and announced, but I've never seen a copy.

Reprinted as Softcover Library S75132.

Monarch 405 – THE JET SET by Mack Reynolds, PBO 1964

Monarch 411 – THE POWER OF POSITIVE LOVING by William Johnston, PBO 1964

Monarch 427 – EXECUTIVE WIFE by Robert Colby, PBO 1964

Monarch 429 – THE REVOLT OF ABBE LEE by James MacBrian, PBO 1964.

Pseudonym of Dave Foley. When Dave Foley died, the other writers at Scott Meredith Literary Agency made sure all his existing contracts were honored. So some of Dave Foley's pseudonymous books were actually ghostwritten by others. The story on THE REVOLT OF ABBE LEE is that it was ghosted by Richard Curtis (aka Curt Aldrich). Dave Foley also wrote as Gerald Hatch and ghosted Alan Marshall for Donald E. Westlake.

Monarch 442 – DR. STARR IN CRISIS by William Johnston, PBO 1964.

This is the third book in the Starr-Martin trilogy. The first two, EMERGENCY FOR DR. STARR (Monarch 336) and LOVE COMES TO DR. STARR (Monarch 355), had covers by Lou Marchetti.

Monarch 470 – LOVE OF 7 DOLLS by Paul Gallico, 1st thus, 1964.  Previously published as Avon 760.


Softcover Library B994 – THE LOVE CLINIC by Gil Hara, PBO 1966.

This publisher would take previously used (and unused) paintings by different artists and combine them to create new covers. In this case, Tom Miller painted the woman at the far right. If Beacon / Softcover Library had ever used the image before, I have not seen it yet. In 2014, Tom Miller's original art used for this painting came up at auction.

Dell 6700 – ORDEAL OF THREE DOCTORS by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1966.

Paperback publishers had a nasty habit of “typecasting” or pigeonholing their cover artists, thinking of them for limited genres only. A versatile artist might prove to be good at Westerns or science fiction, only to then get assignments in that one genre only. Tom Miller could paint anything, but Dell used him only for medical romances in the mid-1960s. He seemed stuck in this rut until he went to work for a different publisher in 1971. 

Dell 2046 – DOCTOR SAMARITAN by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1966.


Softcover Library B1053S – LEFT OF SEX by Stacey Clubb, 2nd PB, 1967. Reprints Beacon B694X with different cover art.

This publisher loved to recycle cover art whenever possible. This edition of LEFT OF SEX re-uses Tom Miller's cover for THE THIRD WAY,  Beacon B790X, shown above

Dell 3686 – HOME TOWN DOCTOR by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st thus, 1967. Reprint of a 1960 Dell, which had cover art by Tommy Shoemaker. 


Dell 2036 – DOCTOR'S BRIDE by Elizabeth Seifert, 2nd PB, 1968. Reprints Dell D443 with a different Tom Miller cover.

Dell 8910 – TIMBERLINE NURSE by Ruth McCarthy Sears, 1st PB, 1968.

Candlelight Romance #20.

Dell 6517 – THE NURSE MADE HEADLINES by Adelaide Humphries, 1st thus, 1969. Candlelight Romance 25. VG $8.


Dell 6870 - PAY THE DOCTOR by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st thus, 1969.

The German edition of WAX APPLE by Tucker Coe reuses Miller's art for PAY THE DOCTOR.


Dell 8959 – TO WED A DOCTOR by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1969.


Bantam Q5781 – THE BIG LAUGH by John O’Hara, 11th printing, 1970.


Miller’s tiny signature is under the light fixture at the bottom left. Those are movie lights, this is a book about Hollywood.

The Big Laugh

Dell 1969 – THE DOCTOR'S CONFESSION by Elizabeth Seifert, 1st PB, 1970.

Dell 0318 – ASSIGNMENT IN THE ISLANDS by Jennifer Blair, PBO 1970. Candlelight Romance 46. Pseudonym of Adeline McElfresh. VG $8.


It seems a safe bet that more of these Dell Candlelights with Miller covers will turn up. Although this one is not signed, it appears to me that it has to be the work of Tom Miller .

HOLIDAY TO FEAR – Arlene Hale, Dell 3667, 1970. Dell Candlelight Romance 43.


Tom Miller painted many covers for Dell romances, and they continue to turn up. There must be some still out there. Here are five more. 

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