Mamie Van Doren

I. Written by Mamie Van Doren

MY NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY LIFE! – Century 001, 1964 PBO. “As told to Richard Bernstein and Robert J. Rhodes”.

Mamie Van Doren was born in South Dakota in 1931, which makes her, at 82, the sexiest octogenarian I've ever met.

Mamie recently wowed the crowd at a public appearance and screening of a couple of her classic films in Santa Monica. She is a survivor, a bombshell and true All-American original. This is my salute to her: Collecting Mamie Van Doren.  

Back cover

I SWING – Novel Book 7N769, 1965 PBO. A Specialty Book.

MY WILD LOVE EXPERIENCES – Novel Book 7N789, 1965 PBO. A Specialty Book.

PLAYING THE FIELD – Putnam, 1987. With Art Aveilhe. First edition hardcover.

1st PB: Berkley 0425-11251-9, 1988.

UK PB: Headline, 1988.

“Special Collector's Edition”: Scarlet Suave Books, 2013. Revised, trade PB. 

Cover photo by George Hurrell.


One of Mamie's sexiest early roles was as Jeff Chandler's harem girl / house slave in YANKEE PASHA. With Jeff's hands full with redhead Rhonda Fleming and blonde Mamie, and such supporting players as Mara Corday & Myrna Hansen, YANKEE PASHA was ripe for a movie tie-in. Dell never did one. Robert Stanley's cover for Dell 353 looks like Mamie might have modeled for it, except for the problem that the movie came out in 1954 and this edition was published in 1949. It was a bestseller and was reprinted as Dell 422 in 1950.

Five years after the movie, in 1959, YANKEE PASHA was reprinted as Dell F87 with a new cover by Harry Schaare.

TEACHER'S PET – Fay and Michael Kanin, Bantam 1780, 1958. Clark Gable and Doris Day were the stars, but no one who has seen TEACHER'S PET can forget Mamie's show-stopping rendition of “The Girl Who Invented Rock'n'Roll” (available on YouTube).  Mamie told us her torrid kissing scene with Gable was cut from the film at the insistence of a jealous Doris Day.

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL – Morton Cooper, Avon T-257, 1958 PBO.

Mamie did eight movies for producer Albert Zugsmith, usually in the starring role. But this time out she is a “guest star”, playing a small but unforgettable part as Russ Tamblyn's “Aunt Gwen”. 

BORN RECKLESS – Milton Rogers, Avon 846, 1958 PBO. Mamie followed TEACHER'S PET and HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL with BORN RECKLESS. For her third straight 1958 movie tie-in she is finally on the cover, and not once but three times.  

THE BEAT GENERATION – Albert Zugsmith, Bantam 1965, 1959 PBO. “The Beat Generation” was a phrase created by Jack Kerouac, but producer Albert Zugsmith copyrighted the term for this decidedly non-Kerouac movie. The screenplay was written by Richard Matheson and Lewis Meltzer. Producer Zugsmith is credited for the movie tie-in. Cover art by Barye.

After years of wondering about this movie, I got to see it in 2013 thanks to Turner Classic Movies. It is really, truly awful, such a shameful waste of its talented cast.

COLLEGE CONFIDENTIAL – Irving Shulman, Gold Medal s1005, 1960 PBO. Cover photo of Mamie Van Doren with Conway Twitty.

THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ADAM AND EVE – Albert Zugsmith & Robert Hill, Bantam A2055, 1960 PBO. Cover art by Bob Bugg depicting characters played in the movie by Mamie Van Doren, Mickey Rooney and Martin Milner. .

 THAT GIRL FROM BOSTON – Robert H. Rimmer, Signet W7195, 1975. 11th printing. Later well-known for THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT, Robert H. Rimmer wrote THAT GIRL FROM BOSTON in 1962. There is a 1963 Macfadden paperback with a blonde stripper cover, and a 1969 Signet. This 11th printing is the movie tie-in with a new photo cover.

III. About Mamie Van Doren

JAYNE MANSFIELD VS MAMIE VAN DOREN – Alan Betrock, ed., Shake 1993.

VA VA VOOM! – Steve Sullivan, Rhino 1995.

Cover girl Mamie is the third bombshell inside, after Marilyn and Jayne.

ATOMIC BLONDE – Barry Lowe, McFarland 2008. Foreword by Mamie Van Doren. First edition hardcover with illustrated boards.


Joseph Fusco, Bear Manor Media, PBO 2010.

Playboy Magazine, June 1964


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