CAMPUS TRAMP – Nightstand NB 1505, 1959. Cover by McCauley.

Lawrence Block was the first of several writers who wrote as Andrew Shaw. He created the pen name and used it until he left the Scott Meredith Literary Agency at the end of 1962. During that period he enlisted ghost writers such as William Coons and Peter Hochstein to write some of the Andrew Shaw novels. This checklist identifies only the Shaw novels by Lawrence Block. After 1963, Andrew Shaw became a house name used by Gary Blumberg and other writers.

Below: Reed Nightstand 3005, 1973.

As by Lawrence Block writing as Andrew Shaw, Creeping Hemlock Press, 2010. new $25.

THE ADULTERERS – Nightstand NB 1511, 1960. Cover by McCauley.

The early Andrew Shaw books are chock full of in-jokes, references to Block's college days at Antioch (known as “Clifton College” in CAMPUS TRAMP and later Shaw titles), a fictional joke title: A SOUND OF DISTANT DRUMS, and name checks of Block's friends and fellow writers like Donald E. Westlake and Hal Dresner.

Reed Nightstand 3011, 1973.  Cover artist Robert Bonfils updates the original McCauley cover painting.

HIGH SCHOOL SEX CLUB – Nightstand NB 1517, 1960.

Says Andrew Shaw on the cover but John Dexter on the title page, which would have made this the second book credited to John Dexter. See also WRITING AS JOHN DEXTER.

The Shaw checklist has always been nebulous. The very nature of the ghostwriting makes identification of each author difficult. Great strides have been made of late, but we are still unsure on a few “maybe/maybe not” titles. We do know Block was Shaw for three years, from the end of 1959 to the end of 1962. Book dealers selling you 1966 Shaws as “by Lawrence Block” are most likely mistaken.

As THE CORRUPTED – Reed Nightstand 3017, 1973. Cover by Robert Bonfils.

THE SIN-DAMNED – Nightstand NB 1520, 1960.

As THE SWITCHERS – Reed Nightstand 3020, 1973.

All of the Reed Nightstands have been “updated” for 70's audiences by an unknown editor.

THE WIFE-SWAPPERS – Nightstand NB 1526, 1960.

Reed Nightstand 3039, 1973.

SEXPOT! – Nightstand NB 1531, 1960.

As BAD GIRL, Reed Nightstand 3050, 1973.

COLLEGE FOR SINNERS – Nightstand NB 1534, 1960.

Includes a reference to “Lord & Marshall” on page 112.

As THE LIBERTINES, Reed Nightstand 3026, 1973.

As THE LOVELOST – Reed Nightstand 4022, 1974.

TRAMP – Nightstand NB 1541, 1961. Long cover crease as shown, good $25.

Reed Nightstand 3036, 1973.

THE TWISTED ONES – Nightstand NB 1543, 1961.

Includes a reference to a book called STRANGE ARE THE WAYS OF LOVE by Lesley Evans.

As THE UNASHAMED – Reed Nightstand 3033, 1973.

$20 LUST – Nightstand NB 1546, 1961. VG $45.


As CINDERELLA SIMS – Reed Nightstand 3034, 1973.

As CINDERELLA SIMS by Lawrence Block – 1st hardcover edition, Subterranean Press, 2003.

GIRLS ON THE PROWL – Nightstand NB 1548, 1961.

Two of the characters here are anagrams of the author: Cornwall Becke and Lance Brecklow.

As THE WANTONS – Reed Nightstand 3031, 1973.

LOVER – Nightstand 1551, 1961.

Block's e-book title is GIGOLO JOHNNY WELLS.

Reed Nightstand 3045, 1973.

TRAILER TROLLOP – Nightstand NB 1553, 1961.

Eighteen years later, Lawrence Block mentioned this book on page 28 of WRITING THE NOVEL.

As FOUR WILD GIRLS – Reed Nightstand 3047, 1973.

(For many years we had LUST CAMPUS, Midnight Reader MR 408, on the Block list here. Recently Mr. Block confirmed that one was written by his ghost writer, Peter Hochstein.)

SLUM SINNERS – Midnight Reader MR 409, 1962.

A sequel of sorts to GIRLS ON THE PROWL. One character is a writer whose name is an anagram: Karl R. Colby.

As PITY THE DAMNED – Reed Nightstand 4037, 1974. 

CROSSROADS OF LUST – Midnight Reader MR 427, 1962.

A violent crime thriller about an armored truck robbery that turns bloody. The book NO LONGER A VIRGIN by John Dexter is recommended. Like $20 LUST, this is one of the Shaws that could have been a Gold Medal by Lawrence Block. We hope to see this reprinted soon under the author's real name.

FLESH PARADE – Midnight Reader MR 431, 1962.

The book BORDER LUST by Don Holliday is recommended.

PASSION NIGHTMARE - Midnight Reader MR 436, 1962.
In 2020, Terry Zobeck published his tremendous Block bibliography A TRAWL AMONG THE SHELVES. If you don't already have a copy, get one. Many new titles and pen names are added. Lawrence Block reviewed his files and archives and added this Andrew Shaw book as one of his own.

passion nightmare

FLESH MOB – Midnight Reader MR 462, 1962.

A Clifton College novel. One character is reading THE TWISTED ONES.

SIN HELLCAT – Nightstand NB 1599, 1962. Collaboration with Donald E. Westlake.


As A PIECE OF THE ACTION – Reed Nightstand 4049, 1974.

Collected in HELLCATS AND HONEYGIRLS by Lawrence Block and Donald E. Westlake – 1st hardcover ed, Subterranean Press, 2010. With A GIRL CALLED HONEY and SO WILLING.

BUTCH – Nightstand NB 1604, 1962.

A reference here to THE LESBIAN by Dr. Benjamin Morse.

LUST WEEKEND – Nightstand NB 1614, 1962.

A reference to “a book called THE LESBIAN by a doctor named Morse.”

THE SADIST – Nightstand NB 1629, 1962. Cover by Robert Bonfils.

SINTIME – Nightstand NB 1635, 1962.

This was on the “maybe” list, but Block collector Don Z. Block tells me Lawrence Block signed his copy of SINTIME at last year's New York Paperback Show.

 SIN BUM – Midnight Reader MR 472, 1963.

On the road again with Ted Travis. After his college dean in Ohio tells him it would be best not to come back in the fall, Ted spends a summer on the road, becoming a stag movie actor, a traveling pimp, a door-to-door salesman and more before falling in love with sweet Jennie and settling down in a rustic cabin in Vermont.  

Although many titles have now been confirmed as “by Lawrence Block” on the Andrew Shaw checklist, there are still some 1962 & '63 Shaws yet to be verified. After Block left the Scott Meredith agency, he lost track of the Andrew Shaw books that continued to come out once a month, many of them by other writers.  As a result, a “complete” Block as Shaw list appears impossible..

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