WRITING THE NOVEL FROM PLOT TO PRINT – Writer's Digest Books, 1979.


- Arbor House, 1981.

THE REAL FOOD PLACES with Cheryl Morrison – Rodale Press, 1981. Softcover.

WRITE FOR YOUR LIFE – Writer's Digest Books, 1986.

SPIDER, SPIN ME A WEB – Writer's Digest Books, 1988.

LAWRENCE BLOCK BIBLOGRAPHY 1958-1993 – A.S.A.P., 1993. Softcover.

Edited by James T. Seels. Cover by Phil Parks. With two pieces by Mr. Block and an appreciation by Charles Ardai, who would later give us many rare Block gems as the publisher of Hard Case Crime.>

AFTER HOURS: Conversations with Lawrence Block (with Ernie Bulow) – University of New Mexico Press, 1995. Hardcover.

GANGSTERS, SWINDLERS, KILLERS & THIEVES – Edited by Lawrence Block – Oxford University Press USA, 2004. Hardcover. >

STEP BY STEP: A Pedestrian Memoir – William Morrow, 2009. 1st PB: <Harperluxe 2009.

THE LIAR'S BIBLE: A Handbook for Fiction Writers – Open Road, 2011. Softcover.

THE LIAR'S COMPANION: A Field Guide for Fiction Writers – Open Road, 2011. Softcover.

AFTERTHOUGHTS – Open Road, 2012. <Softcover.

Somebody came up with a great idea to collect all the afterwords Lawrence Block had written about his books, and all the new pieces about the ebook editions of his early pseudonym books. And it was an even better idea to publish them in book form.  This volume is a font of valuable information for Block collectors.

I'm not sure how many books Lawrence Block has written, but there are 170 on this checklist. And there are more to come….



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