Writing as Lesley Evans & Sheldon Lord


STRANGE ARE THE WAYS OF LOVE – Crest s336, 1959. Author's first book. Cover by Barye Phillips. Good $30.


CARLA – Midwood 8, 1958. Cover art by Paul Rader. Author's second book, but published before STRANGE ARE THE WAYS OF LOVE.

Lawrence Block created the Sheldon Lord pen name and used it for books and magazine stories. Several other writers, including Peter Hochstein, Hal Dresner and Milo Perichitch, used the pseudonym Sheldon Lord. Only the Lord titles confirmed by Lawrence Block are shown here. 

A STRANGE KIND OF LOVE – Midwood 9, 1959. Cover art by Rudy Nappi.

2nd printing: Midwood 33-885, 1967. Cover by Paul Rader.


BORN TO BE BAD – Midwood 14, 1959. Cover by Paul Rader.

Below: 2nd printing: as PUTA – Midwood 165, 1962.

3rd printing: Midwood 33-852, 1967.

69 BARROW STREET – Midwood 24, 1959. Cover by Rader. Reprinted as Midwood F103 in 1961.


3rd printing: Midwood 33-857, 1967. New Rader cover.

Hard Case Double HCC-069 – as by Lawrence Block writing as Sheldon Lord. 1st hardcover edition, Subterranean Press, 2012. Cover by Robert McGinnis. With STRANGE EMBRACE (shown below under Ben Christopher.)


OF SHAME AND JOY – Midwood 29, 1960. Cover by Rader. Reprinted as Midwood F121 in 1961.

A WOMAN MUST LOVE – Midwood 33, 1960. Cover by Rader.

KEPT – Midwood 35, 1960. Cover by Rader.

CANDY – Midwood 40, 1960. Cover by Charles Frace'.

A GIRL CALLED HONEY by Sheldon Lord and Alan Marshall (Lawrence Block and Donald E. Westlake) – Midwood 41, 1960. Cover by Rader. Dedication: “to Don Westlake and Larry Block, who introduced us”.

Collected in the 2010 anthology HELLCATS AND HONEYGIRLS.

SO WILLING – with Donald E. Westlake as Alan Marshall – Midwood 48, 1960.

Collected in the 2010 anthology HELLCATS AND HONEYGIRLS.

21 GAY STREET – Midwood 55, 1960. Cover by Rader. Reprinted as Midwood Y-159 in 1962.

3rd printing: as Midwood 33-854, 1967. New Rader cover.

PADS ARE FOR PASSION – Beacon B387, 1961.

As A DIET OF TREACLE by Lawrence Block – Hard Case Crime HCC-039, 2008. Cover by Chuck Pyle.

COMMUNITY OF WOMEN – Beacon B446F, 1961.

Below: 3rd printing: Beacon B725X, 1964.

UK PB: Softcover Library S66, 1969. Photo cover.

APRIL NORTH – Beacon B456F, 1961. Good $20.

Cover by Al Rossi. Reprint, Beacon B801X, 1965, says “Third Big Printing” on cover.

UK PB: Softcover Library 161, 1971. Photo cover.

THE SEX SHUFFLE – Beacon B757X, 1964. Dedicated to Jill.

Lawrence Block told me this is his final novel as Sheldon Lord. There are later Sheldon Lord titles, but they were written by other writers.

2nd printing: Softcover Library S75168, 1970. Second printing Like New $35.

UK PB: as LOVE IS FOR LATER – Softcover Library 135, 1970. Photo cover.

As LUCKY AT CARDS by Lawrence Block – Hard Case Crime HCC-028, 2007. Cover by Chick Pyle.

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