Rader 1969-1970

289. July 1968 – Midwood – Couple outdoors.

Midwood 35-146 – I WANT A MAN / I CAN’T WAIT by Balmer / Sorell, 1968. 


290. August 1968 - Midwood Lesbian couple – both girls standing.

Midwood 35-176 – ODD COUPLE / TEEN BUTCH by Swenson / Caine, 1969.



291. August 1968 – Midwood Lesbian Couple – One girl standing leaning on elbow, one girl on knees.

Midwood 35-174 – FORBIDDEN LOVE / STRANGE DESIRES by Russo / Kramer, 1968.


292. September 1968 – Tower “Lady From Lust #7” – back view with tommy gun.

Tower 44-160 – THE LADY FROM L.U.S.T. #7: KISS MY ASSASSIN by Gray ( Gardner Fox), 1968.

293. September 1968 – Midwood “Stud” – Man in slacks standing, girl on knees, arms around his legs – yellow background.

Midwood 34-177 – STUD by Lord, 1968.


294. October 1968 – Midwood “Sex Unlimited” – Couple on floor, man on back hand behind head, girl on knees leaning over him – she in black negligee – red background.

Midwood 34-178 – SEX UNLIMITED by Brittain, 1968.



295. October 1968 – Midwood “Wild Waitress – Thrill Hungry”. Waitress pulling up skirt to show legs to man at table – orange background. 

Midwood 35-175 – WILD WAITRESS / THRILL HUNGRY by Jack Holt / Bertrand Lord, 1969.


296. October 1968 – Tower “Lady From Lust #8 South of the Bordello”.

Tower 44-171 – THE LADY FROM L.U.S.T. #8: SOUTH OF THE BORDELLO by Gray ( Gardner Fox), 1969.

297. November 1968 – Midwood Lesbian – young red head in black negligee & dark haired girl behind taking negligee off at shoulders – white background.

Midwood 35-196 – THE OTHER WAY / STRANGE FASCINATION by Hadley / Hamilton 1969.


298. November 1968 – Midwood – couple on knees, girl in black bra & panties, man behind her with hand on shoulder. Yellow background.

Midwood 35-197 – COLLEGE TEASE / TOWN TRAMP by Ellis / Davidson, 1969. VG $25.



299. December 1968 – Midwood – Couple in bedroom – girl on bed, man taking off shirt – dark blue.

Midwood 35-213 – SINGLE SWINGERS / TORRID by Ellis / Harvey, 1969.


300. December 1968 – Midwood – Back view of nude in blue mist.

Midwood 37-218 – JUST WHISTLE / WIDE OPEN / STRIPPED by Hamilton / Malloy / Shaffer, 1969.

301. January 1969 – Midwood – Couple – man putting towel over girl’s shoulders – yellow background.

Midwood 35-230 – A GIRL A NIGHT / SEX AND ME by Reading / Harmon, 1969.


302. January 1969 – Midwood – Couple – girl standing – man on floor with arms around girl’s legs – red background.

Midwood 34-223 – SEA OF THIGHS by Brittain, 1969.



303. January 1969 – Midwood – Lesbian couple standing, one girl behind the other with hand on her shoulder, blue background.

Midwood 34-233 – PAGAN SUMMER by Mayo (Gil Fox), 1969.  Second printing of Midwood 32-465 with new cover.

The blonde from PAGAN SUMMER would appear twice again: in an interior illustration in FOR MEN ONLY, October 1969 (#311 below), and as part of Rader’s cover art for Bee-Line 445-D, STUD SERVICE, in 1970 (#B314 below). 


304. January 1969 – Tower - Lady From Lust #9 “The Poisoned Pussy”.

Tower 45-212 – THE LADY FROM LUST #9: THE POISONED PUSSY by Grey (Gardner Fox, 1969).

Cover art was recycled for SOCK IT TO ME, a retitled reprint for Belmont Tower BT50604 in 1973.

305. April 1969 – Midwood Lesbian couple – Blonde girl lying on bed, brunette leaning over her. Dark blue background.

306. April 1969 – Midwood – Blonde girl on bed, hands clasped around man’s neck, he leaning over her. Red background.

These last two Midwood sales in the notebook, four months after the last known Midwood Raders, are a complete mystery to me. By this time Midwood was using text covers with occasional photo covers. Please let me know if you can solve this mystery.


Lover Boy - wanted

307. June 1969 Magazine Management – Second rights to books 33-915, Lover Boy and 34-980, To Sex With Love.


Cover art for TO SEX WITH LOVE re-used for the cover of FOR MEN ONLY, August 1969.

Cover illustration on the right is by Paul Rader. The “monkey madness” cover illustration on the left is by Mort Kunstler.

308. June 1969 - Magazine Management – B&W spread illustration. “Games Nudes Play”

MAN’S WORLD October 1969 – “Mrs. Parker’s Nude Game”.  Scan courtesy of Rich Oberg.


309. July 1969 – Magazine Management – B&W spread illustration – “Nude on the Beach”.

MEN September 1969 – “The Round-Bed Chick”. (Detail shown.)


310. August 1969 – Magazine Management B&W “Summer Women”

“Phil’s Three-Woman Score” in FOR MEN ONLY, October 1969. The blonde is re-used from Midwood 34-233, PAGAN SUMMER.


311. August 1969 - Magazine Management – Sex Illustration, untitled.

MEN October 1969 “The Nude in Snake Swamp”.



September 1969 - $75.  - Balcourt – second rights – “Grand Slam Girl” Bee Line Book 212.

Bee-Line 212 – GRAND SLAM GIRL by Seran, 1967. Flips and re-uses Rader’s cover art for Midwood F192, THE SEX GAME.

There are 15 Bee-Lines with covers recycled from Midwoods. Only a couple of them are listed like this in the notebooks.

This listing appears between #311 & #B-312, there is no notebook number with this listing.

Although the book appeared in 1967, it is not found in Rader's notebooks until Sept 1969.


B-312. December 1969 – Bee-Line Books “Three For All”. $300.

Bee-Line 433 – 3-FOR-ALL by Masters, 1970. Thanks to Herschel Fink.

After assigning no number to GRAND SLAM GIRL, Rader adds a B (for Bee-Line) in front of his final nine notebook entries. Bee-Line was his last commercial employer.

B-313. January 1970 – Bee-Line Books 435-Z “Swinging Couples Wanted”

This book turned up on eBay, but it has a photo cover. Rader has the right title and book number, but the published book does not have a Rader cover. Bee-Line may have decided to go with a photo cover late in the publication process. IF Bee-line did not use the art for this book here, it seems likely that they must have used it on a later book. There must be a different Bee-line out there with the Rader cover originally painted for SWINGING COUPLES WANTED.

B-314. March 1970 – Bee-Line Books 445-Z – Two couples, blue background.

Bee-Line 445-Z – STUD SERVICE by Blue, 1970. Recycles the blonde from Midwood 34-233, also seen in FOR MEN ONLY October 1969.



B-315. March 1970 – Bee-Line Books. Full color cover illustration. Two couples – one couple sitting on edge of bed, second couple lying on bed behind them. Red-purple background. #450.

Bee-Line 450-Z – ORGY IN THE SKY by Vance, 1970. Recycles cover art from two Rader Midwoods: 34-108 PLEASURE MACHINE and 34-117 OBSESSED.


B-316. Bee-Line Book 441-Z “Nympho Librarian” – black background.

Bee-Line 441-Z – NYMPHO LIBRARIAN by Tucker, 1970.

In 2003 I couldn’t find a copy of this great cover art to show, but now, in 2013, this cover is very popular and appears on numerous websites and blogs online. Rader lives!

B-317. Bee-Line “Carnival of Sex” book #448-D. Couple in foreground – girl pushing down slip in back. Yellow background & tints.

Bee-Line 448-D – CARNIVAL OF SEX by Fuchs, 1970.


B-318. May 1970 - Topper Magazine b&w double page spread.

TOPPER July 1970 – “The Man With the Invisible Mojo”. TOPPER was published by David Zentner, the publisher of Bee-Line Books.



B-319. April 1970 – Bee-Line Paris Sex Circus 457-Z. Two large figures foreground, 3 small in back – dark pink background.

Bee-Line 457-Z – PARIS SEX CIRCUS by French, 1970.


B-320. October 1970 – Bee-Line #BL-481

Female with hiked up pink slip and two men. Sitting on leg of one and hugging the other.

Bee-Line 481-Z – THE HORNY HOUSEWIFE by Mack, 1970.

This is the final entry in the notebook. 

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