Rader 1964


128. December 1963 – Midwood “The Hidden Fortune”. Blond in tight gold bodice and pink pants sitting on heels - bare feet – consoling man with clenched fist, lying on back.

Midwood F353 – NEVER SAY NO by Bouma, 1964.


129. January 1964 – Midwood Lesbian cover – Dark short haired girl in red top and gold pants – knees up – looking at nude brushing blond hair – misty in blue background.

Midwood F352 – A WORLD ALL THEIR OWN by Kemp, 1964. 

130. January 1964 – Midwood “Runaway”

Teenage girl in boys shirt & blue jeans – dim man in background beckoning.

Midwood F360 – AFTER CLASS by Ellis, 1964.


131. January 1964 – Midwood – Back view of dark haired woman in black panties – man on gold couch at side – pink background.

Midwood F392 – CHAINS OF SILK by Balmer, 1963.



Rader’s notebook entry for CHAINS OF SILK suggests the woman was topless, the bra a later addition. When the art was recycled as BACHELOR PAD for Bee-Line 233 in 1967, the bra was gone.


132. February 1964 – Midwood “Awakened Desire”. Dark haired woman on red couch, three college men around her – bright blue dress.

Midwood F365 –THE YES GIRL by Moore , 1964.

Rader’s cover painting THE YES GIRL was recycled as TEEN INSATIABLES, Edka Lay-Awake Book EK-116 in 1967.


133. February 1964 – Midwood “Pretty Puppet”. Lesbian – dark haired woman leaning over dark blue backdrop as puppeteer of young blond below in open red striped outfit.

Midwood F371 – PRETTY PUPPET by Mayo (Gil Fox), 1964.



134. March 1964 – Midwood – Sunset nude with man’s coat over shoulders.

Midwood F374 – IMPATIENT by Lawrence , 1964.


135. March 1964 – Midwood “Once a Lesbian”. Dark haired girl in gold housecoat, man’s arm around waist, standing behind her – coat over his shoulder – blond sitting in background.

Midwood F376 – ONLY IN SECRET by Craig, 1964.

ONLY IN SECRET art was recycled for Bee-Line 186, ALL THE GIRLS TOGETHER, in 1967. Hair color and plant size have changed. 


136. March 1964 – Midwood - “His Daughter’s Friend”. Platinum blond 17 year old girl in black sweater & red skirt – yellow background with couch.

Midwood F378 – HIS DAUGHTER’S FRIEND by Trainer, 1964.



Rader’s painting HIS DAUGHTER’S FRIEND was recycled in 1967 for ANGEL, Private Edition 467. 


137. April 1964 – Midwood “The Taint”

Lesbian young girl fixing hair in front of mirror, back view wearing light blue baby doll – large head in foreground – blue background.

Midwood F381 – THE HOUSEGUEST by Kemp (Gil Fox), 1964.

138. April 1964 – Midwood – Two lesbians walking hand in hand. Yellow dress and the other in black jacket & slacks. Night street scene with reflected lights. 

Midwood F386 – THE THIRD STREET by Ellis, 1964.


139. May 1964 – Midwood “Fair Exchange”. Blond in transparent black nylon & lace shorty negligee and panties – man and lesbian in background – red.

Midwood F380 – LOVE TOY by Harris, 1964.



Rader’s LOVE TOY was recycled in 1967 for Bee-Line 195, STRANGE SISTERS. Since that story is about blonde twins, the hair color of the woman on the right had to be changed.


140. May 1964 – Midwood “Chains of Silk”. Blond with hands in hair – black bra & low slung pajama pants with red ribbon – Brunette on bed left hand upraised pulling on sheet - red background.

Midwood F389 – DANCE OF DESIRE by Russo (Gil Fox), 1964. Mr. Rader lists this cover as “Chains of Silk” but that title (Midwood F392 above) has a different Rader cover. 

141. June 1964 – Midwood “Dance Man”

Close-up of dancing couple and three small female figures around couple – dark blue background.

Midwood 32-415 – ONE AFTER ANOTHER by Fields, 1964.


142. June 1964 – Midwood “Too Young to Love”. Young nude girl posing before camera – Dark background & studio lights.

Midwood 32-400 – TOO LATE FOR TEARS by Craig, 1964.

In 1964, Midwood – Tower changed their numbering system to a five-digit number. The last three digits continue the same sequential numbering as the books before, the first two digits are a price code. First number “3” is used for Midwood and ‘4” is used for Tower. The second number “2” was the code for fifty cents, so 32-400 is a fifty cent Midwood 



143. June 1964 – Midwood “Happily Ever After”. Lesbian – girl sculptor doing statue of nude model – studio background.

Midwood 32-411 – A LABOR OF LOVE by Kemp (Gil Fox), 1964.


A LABOR OF LOVE got recycled as THE WOMEN SHE HAD for Private Edition 406 in 1966.

144. July 1964 – Illustration for Cavalcade – “Sex in Politics”.

CAVALCADE November 1964 – “Sex and Politics”.  Uncredited. Rader painted portraits for many years but rarely had any chance to show off those skills on his Midwood covers. For this magazine illustration, Rader pictured some of the political figures of the day: Bobby Baker, Adlai Stevenson, Nelson Rockefeller and Barry Goldwater.


 Midwood was Rader’s only employer in 1964, they published CAVALCADE as Skye Publishing Co. The November 1964 issue includes this full-page Midwood ad with five Rader covers; and “Toothsome Morsel”, a short story by Dallas Mayo. But it is collected today because of a full-page nude illustration by another Midwood artist, Frank Frazetta.




145. July 1964 – Midwood Lesbian – 3 women with red background. Large foreground female brushing hair in white towel, girl smoothing stocking of leg upraised, and girl in blouse & skirt sitting on floor.

Midwood 32-417 – CAMPUS KITTENS by Ellis, 1964.


CAMPUS KITTENS was recycled in 1966 as THE GAY AND THE GUILTY for Private Edition 397.

146. July 1964 – Midwood “The Women in His Life”. Foreground girl hugging brown mink, small blond in transparent baby doll “blue” – pouting with fingers to mouth. 

Midwood 32-421 – THE EASY WAY by Mayo (Gil Fox), 1964.


147. July 1964 – Midwood – Teenage girl sitting on fender of red sports car – girl in white shorts & tied blouse – suburban background.

Midwood 32-480 – TROUBLE-MAKER by Trainer, 1965. Rader’s Corvette convertible cover.   



148. August 1964 – Midwood “Drop Out”

Teenage girl on roof with two boys – girl in blue jeans & low cardigan leaning against one boy’s knee.

Midwood 32-424 – GANG GIRL by Ellis, 1964.


149. August 1964 – Midwood “Hen Party”

Smart gal in gold cocktail dress – cigarette holder – looking down on young girl in blonde pony tail – couple in background – brown blue & gold background.

Midwood 32-426 – PARTY TIME by Kemp (Gil Fox), 1964.

Paul Rader’s PARTY TIME was flipped and used again for Bee-Line 202, PRIVATE SCREENING, in 1967.


150. September 1964 – Midwood “The Apartment Sharers”. Three girls – full length in background with towel & turban – two sitting on floor, - one in black slip fixing hair, other in pants & white blouse holding jewelry box, yellowish background & floor.

Midwood 32-436 – THREE OF A KIND by Ellis, 1964.



Rader’s THREE OF A KIND art was re-imagined for BETWEEN TWO WOMEN, Bee-Line 178 in 1967. One of the threesome is gone to fit the new title, and the blonde with her back to us has been changed. 


151. September 1964 – Midwood “The Charm Peddlers”. Girl in white swim suit on stage – footlights – audience – spotlight.

Midwood 32-437 – MISS DREAM GIRL by Hart, 1964.  This art was re-used as an illustration in the August 1968 issue of MAN’S.

152. September 1964 – Fifteen photographs of buildings for High Fidelity’s Carnegie Hall Program.

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