Rader 1962

2 samples – SIN LENS & PASSION TRAP $75. July 1962 (in Autumn 1961 listings).

Blond girl on hands and knees on bed facing reader – blue background – stockings, slip & dress on bed – bare torso, pink panties.

Tuxedo 114 – SIN LENS by Koby, 1962. Tuxedo was not paying anywhere near Midwood’s $180. per cover. PASSION TRIP (not PASSION TRAP) is another Rader Tuxedo, but the description below this notebook entry describes another book. I suspect Rader omitted his entry for PASSION TRIP here.


Tuxedo 113 – PASSION TRIP by Robinson, 1962.



August 1961 – Sample – blond girl on bed – black slip down to thigh – side view – dark pink background.

Chariot CB-1627 – INSATIABLE DESIRE by Craig, 1963. Although listed with SIN LENS & PASSION TRAP, this description matches a Chariot published two years later.


 Rader’s INSATIABLE DESIRE was recycled and flipped for All Star 74, NIGHTS OF FORBIDDEN FRUIT, in 1967. Rader’s signature is visible – backwards – in the corner left of her heel.

September 1961 – Shorten – Lesbian cover. Dark haired nude standing half behind red screen – blond sitting taking off stocking looking over her left shoulder at nude.

Midwood F141 – LOVE LIKE A SHADOW by Kimberly Kemp (Gil Fox), 1962.


September 1961 – Shorten – Blond sitting cross-legged, hands on hips, red sweater, pink background.

Midwood F145 – STRANGE DELIGHTS by Beauchamp (Robert Silverberg), 1962.



November 1961 – Shorten “The Little Black Book” – blond sitting in partly open cookie coat – striped golden, tan background and open large black book.

Midwood Y135 – THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK by Avallone, 1962. Reused in MAN'S Magazine, October 1969.


October 1961 – MacFadden – court scene, gun, redhead in blue.

TRUE DETECTIVE February 1962 cover.

October 1961 – Shorten – Red head female doctor writing on pad sitting on chair, legs showing above knees – girl on couch in white slip above buttocks, crying – blue background.

Midwood F142 – WOMAN DOCTOR by Britain (Elaine Williams), 1962.


November 1961 Shorten ‘Office Tramp”.

Low shot of typist showing legs under typewriter table – white background.

Midwood 152 – OFFICE TRAMP by Porcelain, 1962.



November 1961 – Shorten “Skin Deep”.

Long haired blond in dark blur bathing suit – hands behind head – beauty contest – painty dark brown, red and blue background.

Midwood Y153 – SKIN DEEP by Dyer, 1962.


November 1961 – Master Detective – cover for March 1962 – Girl running from mugger in suburb. Blond – white blouse – gold coat – red skirt. Evening moonlight.

TRUE DETECTIVE – March 1962 cover.

November 1961 – Sample – Large head and shoulders of nude blond in upper section of panel.

(no sales info - not seen) 

December 1961 – Midwood – “The Drifters”. Black haired girl in slip and stockings sitting on edge of bed with bottle. Gold background, cigarettes on floor.

Midwood F163 – THE DRIFTER by Hastings (Sally Singer), 1962. The cigarettes Rader mentions in his notebook are visible on the back cover version of the cover art. So is Rader’s signature.


Paul Rader’s cover art for THE DRIFTER was recycled for MAN’S in January 1968.  It was used again, as shown here, as a color cover for GUY in April 1970. 6


January 1962 – TRUE DETECTIVE cover – girl calling for help out of window.

TRUE DETCTIVE – April 1962 cover.


December 1961 – Midwood – “Ripe” – Light brown haired girl lieing (sic) in gay abandon on light green bed sheet with shadows – white area across torso.

Midwood F164 – RIPE by Richards, 1962.

January 1962 – Midwood “Gay Scene”. Large blond in foreground, hands in prayerful pose, small figure in background unhooking black bra – blue purple background.

Midwood F169 – GAY SCENE by Ellis, 1962. Rader has recycled the smaller figure from his illustration for SEE Magazine, November 1960.


March 1962 – Midwood “Tender Torment”. Lesbian Surrealist. Large back view of nude holding rose – prostrate dressed girl in distance. $205.

Midwood F172 – TENDER TORMENT by Randy Salem (Pat Perdue), 1962. Rader’s notebook tells us on March 15 he made changes to three covers. This was one of the three, a see-through gown was added to Rader’s nude.

I love Rader’s description “Lesbian Surrealist”. There is no blood on the cover art, just the suggestion of it using blood-red roses and a shadow that billows out like a pool of blood.



February 1962 – Midwood “Prisoner of my Past”. Large half figure of blond holding her breasts. Purple background. Transparent hands reaching for her.

Midwood F180 - PRISONER OF MY PAST by Fisher, 1962.


March 1962 – Midwood “ Chico ’s Women”. Three women and ghost head of man.

Midwood Y179 – CHICO ’S WOMEN by Hastings (Sally Singer), 1962.

March 1962 – Midwood “Soft Shoulders”. Legs with hands holding black panties, peeping tom at window.

Midwood F181 – OPERATION: SEX by Kemp (Gil Fox), 1962. The dark strip at top blocking our view has a window shade drawstring hanging from it. We are looking in another window, exactly like the peeping tom. We are voyeurs.


April 1962 – Midwood “The Hottest Coed”. Couple kissing on campus at twilight. Girl in orange sweater, grey skirt hiked up.

Midwood 182 – CAMPUS JUNGLE by Ellis, 1962.

March 15, 1962. Midwood changes on Chico’s Women, Prisoner of my Past, Tender Torment. $125. direct payment. 



Rader’s CAMPUS JUNGLE art was recycled as AWAKE TO LOVE, All Star 138 in 1967. The coed’s sweater has been unbuttoned. 


April 1962 – Midwood “Eve”. Blond taking dictation in black bra & panties, man in bed. Red purple background.

Midwood F185 – PASSIONATELY YOURS, EVE by Gregory, 1962. That black bra is now missing.

April 1962 – Midwood “Girl From Ave J”.

Dark haired girl standing and drinking martini. Yellow sweater, capri pants – at bar.

Midwood F189 – SEX KITTEN by Avallone, 1962.


April 1962 – Midwood “The Night is for Lust”. Large woman’s head thrown back, hand on man’s head – mood tone, the woman’s head in light, the remainder in half shade.  

Midwood F190 – THE CRAVING by Mayo (Gil Fox), 1962.



Midwood’s sister company was Tower Books, and Rader’s art for THE CRAVING reappears on a 1966 Tower called CATHY’S WAY by Dan Brennan, Tower  43-748.  


 June 1962 – Midwood “Lady Wrestler”. Long haired blond, hands on hips – tight dark pink bathing suit, smoky background.

Midwood F193 – LADY WRESTLER by Harvey , 1962.

June 1962 – Midwood “Name Your Vice”.

Tall redhead standing back to viewer holding red pants over arm, covering her behind, facing sitting man drinking. Dark blue purple background.

Midwood F192 – THE SEX GAME by Skinner, 1962. Rader would recycle this for Bee-Line in September 1969. But since it is one of the few second rights books listed by title in the notebooks, I will show it there rather than here.  See September 1969 below.


June 1962 – Midwood – Large head of redheaded girl clutching man’s hand to cheek – blue green shadows and background.

Midwood F200 – EASY by Swenson (Richard E. Geis), 1962.



June 1962 – Midwood –

Blond hooking black bra and looking at viewer over her shoulder. Purple square behind her middle.

Midwood F202 – THE PLATINUM TRAP by Avallone, 1962.


July 1962 – Midwood – “Birth of a Tramp”. Short haired blond over man’s lap having fanny spanked.

Midwood F203 – BIRTH OF A TRAMP by Amy Harris, 1962.

July 1962 – Midwood – “Garden (Thorn) of Evil”. Girl in bikini lying on back, legs apart, near pool – old man looking through hedge.

Midwood F199 – THORN OF EVIL by Collier, 1962. This painting was recycled for MAN’S Magazine in April 1968.


July 1962 – Midwood “Touch Me Gently”

Long black hair, half nude standing & reading script which half covers breasts – striped yellow background.

Midwood F212 – TOUCH ME GENTLY by Harris, 1962.



July 1962 – Midwood “Lap of Luxury”

Redhead on purple couch, arms folded over bare torso, blue background, blue toreador pants.  $230.

Midwood F214 – LAP OF LUXURY by Kemp (Gil Fox), 1962.


 July 1962 – Midwood “Overexposed”

Blond removing stocking – in black sheer panties against yellow background – man’s head and camera at right behind dark door.

Midwood F207 – OVEREXPOSED by Hytes (John Plunkett), 1962.

. July 1962 – Midwood “ Island of Sin ”

Moonlight tropical scene with girl removing clothes on left, man in water.

Midwood F211 – ISLAND OF SIN by Mayo (Gil Fox) 1962.

July 1962. Girl on floor. $37.50.
I believe this is the cover of the November 1962 MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE .

$75. for 2 samples, SIN LENS & PASSION TRAP.   (Shown above.)

September 1962 – Midwood “Gutter Girl”

Young blond in yellow toreadors and knotted white shirt sitting on knee of Italian boyfriend. Dark red cellar background.

Midwood F221 – YESTERDAY’S VIRGIN by Hytes (John Plunkett), 1962.

August 1962 – sample – Embrio $37.50

(not found)

Brigade – Oct – Second rights $18.75

(This is for reusing about one-fourth of Rader’s art for “The Girl With the Love Cure” from SEE Magazine March 1960, for a story called “Ricochet of Doom”, uncredited.)



September 1962 – Midwood “Flight Into Sin”.  Blond nude with white drape against torso – running in forest – yellow-orange sky.

Midwood F220 - FLIGHT INTO SIN by Skinner, 1962.


September 1962 – Midwood “Wayward Widow”.  Redhead throwing arms around man – both standing – blue dress around hips – white background.

Midwood F226 – WAYWARD WIDOW by Beauchamp (Robert Silverberg), 1962.

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