Rader Notebooks page 1 - 1956-1959

July 1956 – New American Library – cover – “Girl Running” $350.

Signet 1347 - GIRL RUNNING by Knight, 1956.

To differentiate Mr. Rader’s notes from my editorial comments, anything quoted from the Rader notebooks will appear here in italics.


Berkley 371 - BUBU OF MONTPARNASSE by Philippe, 1957.



Signet 1448 – FIND MY KILLER by Wellman, 1957. Thanks to Robert Wiener.


August 4, 1957 Balcourt – for SWANK Magazine – Full color – “Run From the Dead Man”. M $20 (this notation means Rader paid his model $20.) – sold Sept 16 $223.75.

This is the first mention of Balcourt in the notebooks, so we figure this was Rader’s first commission arranged by artist’s agent Ed Balcourt. It appeared in the January 1958 issue of SWANK as “I Never Talk to Dead Men”. See also Chariot CB118 below. 



We will show recycled covers with the originals for comparison rather than later when they were republished.

Rader’s SWANK redhead re-appeared on the cover art for Chariot CB118, THE THRILL-SEEKER, in 1960. This led me to believe other 1960 Chariots must be Raders, but none of them, including THRILL-SEEKER, appear in Rader’s notebooks. So either Rader failed to record this sale, or the art was swiped.


Gold Medal 716 – COME NIGHT, COME EVIL by Craig, 1957. This is Rader’s fourth paperback cover. It was reprinted as Gold Medal s1147 in 1961.

August 1957 – Balcourt – Back view of nude for Fawcet. $225. M $30.


Balcourt – for Magazine Management Co. Pub. – Real Life Adventures, April issue – B&W – “The War”. Sold Dec 18, 1957 $131.25.

Magazine Management was the publishing empire of Martin Goodman, and Goodman’s REAL LIFE ADVENTURES ceased publication in 1958. I’m not sure an April issue was published, but Goodman would surely have wanted to use the illustration for one of his other magazines. I believe this must be it. From MAN’S WORLD, June 1958, this is “The Blonde Who Started a Gang War”.


Claim against Mag Management Co for lost sample of Girl with Gun Dec 1957

Berkley G-98 – PATTERN FOR PANIC by Prather, 1958

Balcourt – sample of girl in chair sold to Berkley Nov 1957 $150.

This is Berkley’s third printing of PATTERN FOR PANIC. The first had a photo cover; the second had art by Robert Maguire. Berkley re-used the Rader painting for a fourth printing, G241, in 1959.

In 2003 I found the December 1963 GUY magazine reprint of the art below from MAN’S May 1958 and assumed Rader had re-painted his cover art for Midwood 41. Now we know this painting, “Woman Worth Waiting For” came first. He re-painted this for A GIRL CALLED HONEY in 1960. This first version was also re-used in WAR Magazine in 1967.







Swank Magazine July issue p 30-31 “The Impossible Yen” red and black. $115. Sold March 1958.

Dell 981 – THE UNCOMPLAINING CORPSES by Halliday 1958. I missed this one on my 2003 Rader checklist.

Ace D296 – RUN THE RIVER GAUNTLET by Clagett, 1958.

Rader called this “Kane Tawney”, which was the original manuscript title. Ace editors seemed to enjoy changing every title.

Bachelor Magazine (Mag Management Co) Sept issue “Day the Diggers Came Home” sold April 1958 $119.95 M $13.50.

“GIs, Girls and Diggers” in BACHELOR, September 1958.





Mag Management Co.  FOR MEN ONLY Oct – “The End of Fear” b&w double spread.

Published as “John J. Malone’s Switching Blonde” in the Oct 1958 issue of FOR MEN ONLY. (detail)


Berkley books – sample of nude with gun – sold by Balcourt July 1958 $150.

Berkley G164 THREE DAY PASS TO KILL by Burke and Grace, 1958.



SWANK Magazine December 1958 “Chicken!” (sold Aug 1958)

August 1958 – sample – seductive blonde girl on floor – “Tildy” $150.

There is no 1958 paperback called “Tildy”, and only Berkley and Midwood were paying $150. in 1958. Since Rader’s first Midwood CARLA is mysteriously missing from the notebook, there are two options: either we are missing a Rader painting for “Tildy” and Rader forgot to note the sale of CARLA; or Midwood decided to use that painting for CARLA instead.

Not in the notebook: Midwood 8 – CARLA by Sheldon Lord (Lawrence Block), 1958. Midwood reprinted this as Midwood 131 in 1961.



September 1958 – Mag Management Co – KEN Magazine Jan issue – “ Budapest Vice” – b&w 2-pg spread – 7 figures.

Hungary ’s 20,000 Captive Call Girls” from KEN FOR MEN January 1959.

Oct 1958 Duotone illustration for Crestwood – “The Man Hungry Hatlo Sisters That Terrorized the West”.

MAN’S LIFE February 1959.


Sample – Head & shoulders & hands - ? Black gown – girl in terror -Sept 1958

No sales info so still looking for this and need your help finding it. One possibility is the November 1962 cover of MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE, since there is a 1962 note for second rights for “Girl on floor”, but her dress is not black.

Nov 1958 Mag Management Co - “Sportsman” Mag Book Bonus for March 1959 issue, b&w double spread and 2 spots

( Ethiopia )

SPORTSMAN March 1959 – “The Half-Wild Women of Hunter Garrity”.




SPORTSMAN March 1959



Jan 1959 Ace Books – “Murder is Rough”

Ace D349 KILL ME WITH KINDNESS by Bond, 1959.

KILL ME WITH KINDNESS was sold to foreign markets. If Rader was paid there is no mention of it in his notebooks. The two examples from Grahame Flanagan’s (highly recommended) collection on Bookscans.com are from Finland and Sweden . (shown here in “Foreign” section)

December 1958 “The Adulteress”

Sample – blue background, girl in fear sitting on floor.

Midwood 11 – IMMORAL WIFE by Gordon Mitchell (Robert Silverberg), 1959. Rader’s second Midwood.

Midwood reprinted this as HENRY’S WIFE (Midwood 137, 1961) re-using this cover art.


February 1959 Berkley Books “Deadlier Than the Male” – Full color cover.

Berkley G232 – DEADLIER THAN THE MALE by Gunn, 1959.



February 1959 – Crestwood Publishing Co – Two illustrations – color “The Notorious Private Bordello” and b&w “The Harte Bros”.

MAN’S LIFE June 1959 – “The Notorious Private Bordello Behind the Red Door”.


MAN’S LIFE June 1959 – “The Trigger Happy Brothers and Their Six-Year Reign of Terror”.

This is about the Harpe Brothers. Rader’s notebook entry “Harte Bros” may be a misspelling.

March 1959 Ace cover “The Lady Meant Murder” – Single girl with knife.

Ace D367 – TILL DEATH DO US PART by Trimble, 1959.


February 1959 – To Harry Shorten – sample of half nude girl on knees. Man’s hand and cigarette added.  $150.

Midwood 14 – BORN TO BE BAD by Sheldon Lord ( Lawrence Block), 1959.

This entry is the first mention of a name that will appear many times in Rader’s notebooks: Harry Shorten, the publisher of Midwood Books.  This is Rader’s third Midwood; the first two were also “samples”, that is, not commissioned ahead of time by the publisher.



Ace Books – “Drink to the Dead” - May 1959

Ace D379 – DRINK WITH THE DEAD by Flynn, 1959.

Rader’s notebooks also list numerous photographs he took for HIGH FIDELITY Magazine (not listed or shown here).

May 1959 Magazine Management Co - “Dr Koo” for ACTION FOR MEN August issue.


May 1959 – Gregori for Crestwood – Man’s Life - Duotone “The Gambling Madame and her Strange House of Chance”.

MAN’S LIFE August 1959 (detail). Rader will re-use the woman in the middle for Midwood 55.  Uncredited.


April 1959 – Hillman Periodicals – full color pocket book cover.  $225.

“The Tormentors” M $25. Props $10.

Hillman 107 – THE TORMENTORS by Payne, 1959. Back cover credit.



April 1959 – For Harry Shorten – “The Rape of Connie”.

Midwood 18 – CONNIE by Loren Beauchamp (Robert Silverberg), 1959.

June 1959 – Gregori for Crestwood – “Sister Sadie’s Exotic Bordello”.

MAN’S LIFE September 1959. Two-page illustration (shown below) and two spots (shown here).





“Sister Sadie’s Exotic Bordello of all Nations” in MAN’S LIFE September 1959.


May 1959 – For Harry Shorten – “Backstage Love”.

Midwood 17 – BACKSTAGE LOVE by Alan Marshall (Donald E. Westlake), 1959.

Usually the Midwoods in the notebooks are fairly close to the actual published order of the books, but Rader sold the Midwood 17 art a month after Midwood 18. For my readers who prefer everything in order, a checklist of Rader’s titles in the order published will follow this list of paintings in the order sold.


Many Rader Midwoods were recycled as Bee-Lines. This is Bee-Line 254, SUBURBAN HOT BEDS by Curt Allen (Richard Allen Curtis), 1967.

July 1959 Gregori for Crestwood – Duotone “House of Paradise Where All the Girls Wore Wings”.

MAN’S LIFE October 1959.



July 1959 Gregori – 2 covers, full color for “Guilty” and “Trapped”.

TRAPPED Magazine, December 1959.

Scan courtesy of Phil Stephenson-Payne at Magazine Data File.



TRAPPED August 1960.

Scan courtesy of Magazine Data File.


June 1959 Harry Shorten – “Lust Affair” “Man Hungry”.

Midwood 20 – MAN HUNGRY by Alan Marshall (Donald E. Westlake), 1959.

July 1959 – Harry Shorten – “Unwilling Sinner”.

Midwood 21 – UNWILLING SINNER by Loren Beauchamp (Robert Silverberg), 1959.


The art for UNWILLING SINNER appeared again on Bee-Line 247, ANY WOMAN’S STUD, in 1967.


August 1959 – Gregori for Crestwood – 2 illus. duotone – “Six Girl Ordeal of Sgt. Jackson” and “Showdown at the OK Saloon”.

MAN’S LIFE November 1959 –

 “Ironbottom Mary’s Last Showdown at her Okay Saloon” and “Yankee Sgt Jackson vs. Six Dixie Harlots”.




July 1959 – Harry Shorten – “Sally” – Nude girl with white towel, back view looking at self in mirror – blond hair – blue & red background.

Midwood 22 - SALLY by Alan Marshall (Donald E. Westlake), 1959. This was reprinted as Midwood 62 in 1960.

September 1959 – Gregori for Crestwood – 2 jobs – “Belle Santee & Her Unique Bordello on Wheels” & “The Gay Red Bloomers”. 

MAN’S LIFE December 1959







September 1959 – Harry Shorten – 69 Barrow St – large blonde head with small figure of girl in toreador pants lying on back – Red ochre background. Blue pants, red top.

Midwood 24 – 69 BARROW STREET by Sheldon Lord ( Lawrence Block), 1959. This was reprinted as Midwood F103 in 1961. The beautiful blonde model is Paul Rader’s wife Edith.

September 1959 – For Harry Shorten – “Love on 7th Avenue” (Just Ask for Margaret) – Girl lying on bed with legs crossed. Red bedspread – white gown & panties. M $15. $150.

Midwood 26 – JUST ASK FOR MARGARET by Tasker, 1959. 

October 1959 – West Park Publishing Co – Duotone of Love Temple & spot.

“The Girl With the Love Cure” in SEE Magazine, March 1960.




October 1959 – Harry Shorten – “Another Night, Another Love”. High key of girl standing inside of door in shorty nightie in pink – man outside of door coming in.

For the first time in the Rader notes, his description of the art he painted does not match the printed book. But look at the back cover reproduction below – there is Rader’s original painting. At some point it was decided to re-dress the woman for the front cover and eliminate the man in the doorway. If Rader was the one asked to make the changes, he did not note it.

Midwood 27 (says 29 on spine in printing error) – ANOTHER NIGHT, ANOTHER LOVE by Loren Beauchamp (Robert Silverberg), 1959.


Midwood 27 – back cover.


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