Writing As Ben Haas

THE FORAGERS – Simon & Schuster, 1962.

1st PB: Pocket 50174, 1965.

In the dark days near the end of the Civil War, a starving group of Rebel soldiers come upon a farm being maintained by a strong Southern woman and her beautiful daughter-in-law.


2nd PB: Pocket 81700, nd (1978).  Canadian printing with Maple Leaf logo. 



1st UK PB: Pan X409, 1965.

Re-uses cover art from the UK hardcover published by Peter Davies in 1963.


KKK – Regency RB319, 1963 PBO (Paperback Original). Cover design by Terry Martin Rose.

A searing document of reportage, KKK tells the history of the Ku Klux Klan.

2nd PB: Greenleaf Classics GC202, nd (1965).

Earl Kemp, who had edited the first edition of this book at Regency, told me he wanted it reissued when Regency publisher William L. Hamling started the Greenleaf Classics line in 1965. 


3rd PB: Tower T-095-79, nd (1970).

With an added chapter covering Klan activity from 1963 to 1970.

Tower Books were published by Harry Shorten, who also published Ben’s books as John Benteen and Quinn Reade.



LOOK AWAY, LOOK AWAY – Simon & Schuster, 1964.

1st PB; Pocket 75104, 1965. “The impact of a dozen sticks of dynamite thrown against the side of your house…Its characters are alive, so alive that you feel not only their emotions but their physical reactions.” - Rocky Mountain News.

LOOK AWAY, LOOK AWAY is the story of America ’s Civil Rights movement told as a pastiche – a novel with the famous names changed to “fictional” characters – from a somewhat unexpected source – a white Southerner.


1st UK PB: New English Library 1930, 1968.

THE LAST VALLEY – Simon & Schuster, 1966. No PB found. Advanced Reading Copy in wraps is shown here.

THE LAST VALLEY is a story of conservation just as powerful as SILENT SPRING and other 1960s books that call for saving our planet. There is no paperback edition of this great book – Joel Haas believes that the book was “suppressed by local power companies” who are the faceless corporate villains of this powerful novel.


THE TROUBLED SUMMER – Bobbs-Merrill, 1966.

1st PB: Tempo T-180, 1968. Young adult.

The Ku Klux Klan rules the small, sleepy town of Ardmore , but one summer a young student named Clay Williams, inspired by a civil rights organization fighting White Supremacy, races against death to stop a church bombing - and to confront his own hatred of whites.



1966 short story by Ben Haas:
'Ursus Americanus' in CAVALIER, Nov 1966




THE CHANDLER HERITAGE – Simon & Schuster, 1971.

1st PB: Pocket 78256, 1973. Cover art by Alan Magee.

After years of enjoying Ben’s pulp and genre paperbacks, it was a pleasant surprise to discover his mainstream novels were just as rich and involving. THE CHANDLER HERITAGE is the saga of an American dynasty, a family running a textile mill in the South. Epic, sprawling, unforgettable -. a powerhouse of an American novel.


3rd PB: Pocket 78256, 1974. New cover by Hector Garrido.

1st UK PB: Mayflower, 1973. (not shown)

2nd UK PB: Mayflower 0 583 12220 5, 1978. Cover art by Dave Pether.



DAISY CANFIELD – Simon & Schuster, 1973.

1st PB: Pocket 78409, 1974. Cover art by Hector Garrido.

Ben Haas was the poet of the underdog, and DAISY CANFIELD is about a lonely, despondent small-town sheriff going up against the powerful developers who may have murdered a young woman in his small Carolina town.


THE HOUSE OF CHRISTINA – Simon & Schuster, 1977.

1st PB: Dell 13793, 1978.

Ben Haas died too young, but he went out on a high note. After somewhere near 130 books over 15 years, Ben’s final novel was one of his most successful, with a big paperback sale to Dell Books. Ben Haas had died before this paperback edition was published.

THE HOUSE OF CHRISTINA is about a young Austrian woman and the three men who love her: a bright American writer, a dark Jewish underground fighter, and a proud and willful Nazi officer. Great writing on a large canvas.

2nd PB: Dell 13793, 1981.


1st PB: Mayflower Granada 0 583 13046 1, 1978. Cover by Dave Pether.


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