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10302    CHATEAU CHAUMAND - Andrea Delmonico, nd (no date) circa 1974. Reprints Ace G-744 (1968) and Ace 10301 (1972) with new cover art.

Charles Copeland's covers run from his Lion Books in the mid 1950s to his Pinnacles in the late 1970s.  He left behind very few records, so it is impossible to know the exact order in which each painting was completed. So, in the words of Graham Holroyd, we are "sacrificing chronology for clarity" and presenting each of Copeland's publishers alphabetically.

23321    FESTIVAL OF DARKNESS - Marie Garratt, 1974.  For a look at the beautiful original cover art for this book, see the Ace Image Library website. I recommend this website to anyone interested in vintage paperbacks.  If only we had a site like this for each publisher.

47761    THE LEAST OF ALL EVILS - Helen Arvonen, nd c.1974. Reprints Ace Star 47760 with new cover art.  Copeland's signature lines up with the floor.

71107    THE RED JAGUAR - Nelle MacFather, 1974.

81490   TO DREAM OF EVIL - Louise Hoffman, 1975. (Ace Gothic #14) The editors at Ace chose to flip the cover painting, and Copeland's signature is visible, backwards, at the lower left.

88970  WILLOUGH HAVEN - Geraldine Killoran, 1976. (Ace Gothic #23) 

I'm guessing that uncredited covers like this one that look like Copelands, from publishers Copeland was working for, are his.  If you know otherwise, please contact me so we can update this checklist.


A105F  THE CHINA DOLL - Carter, A105F, 1964.
The 1965 third printing is shown. The 1968 fourth printing, Award A380X, has the same cover.


AO1297    THE MAN WHO SOLD DEATH - Nick Carter, 1974. Reprinted as Charter 51921-0 with same cover art.

Smaller "Nick Carter" painting at top is by a different artist.

Most, if not all, Award Books were reprinted by Charter, sometimes with new cover art.   The Nick Carter series was a long-running success, and there could be other Copeland Nick Carters.

AQ1333  BEIRUT INCIDENT - Carter, 1974.


70   THE CHEAT - Don Tracy, nd. Reuses cover art from Lion Library LL118.

Back cover art by Charles Copeland reuses back cover of the American edition.


B581F   THE SEXECUTIVES - Lee Richards, 1963.  See THE LASH, below.

B598F   THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB - Dean McCoy, 1963. See GIRL TRAP, below.

B601F  THE DEAN'S WIFE - Lee Thomas, 1963. This bright paperback cover, with its wonderful "one shoe off" symbolism, makes me want to go back to college. Or maybe go back to 1963.

The back cover illustration, shown here, most probably offers a look at Copeland's original concept:

B606F  A WOMAN'S WANTS - Lee Thomas, 1963.  Uncredited. Nothing else about this cover brings any other Copeland work to mind, but everything about the woman is pure Charles Copeland.  The back cover illustration suggests that at one point she had a different hairdo.

B610F  THE NARROW LINE - Herb Roberts, 1963. See THE SISTERHOOD, below. Uncredited.

B620  NEW WIDOW - Rick Holmes, 1964. Copeland? The artist is unknown, but with her sideways glance and arched eyebrows, I believe it is a safe guess this might be a Copeland cover. We know he was one of the artists painting for Beacon at this time.

B648X  THE HUSBAND HUNTERS - Dean McCoy, 1963.

Back cover detail:

B825X   THE LASH - John B. Thompson, 1965.  Reuses B581F, THE SEXECUTIVES art with new figure in the mirror.  Our friend Dan Roberts owns the uncropped original art, and he tells us it has C. Copeland's signature.

B830X  GIRL TRAP - Arthur Adlon, 1965.  THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB cover is repainted, and then the original is reused on B932X.

B932X   THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB - Dean McCoy, 3rd printing, 1966.  In the kind of move Beacon Books pulled all the time, the cover art for this 1963 paperback was reused with changes for GIRL TRAP in 1965.  Then the original art appeared again a year later here.

The copyright page dates both the first and second printings as 1963, so B598F must have gone through two printings.

S95189  THE SISTERHOOD - Sheldon Lord, 2nd printing, 1970. Reuses and flips the Copeland cover art from THE NARROW LINE, Beacon B610F.

BEACON (Australia)

155  LOVE IN THE SUN - Lee Thomas, nd.  Retitled Australian edition of A WOMAN'S WANTS reuses the American cover art with minor changes.

182  "SEE ME TONIGHT!" - Lee Richards, nd.  Retitled Australian edition of THE SEXECUTIVES reuses Copeland cover.


50588  SOUTH COAST OF DANGER Vivian Connolly, 1973. Reuses cover art for Tower 43-862 MISTRESS OF THE SHADOWS (see below).

51112  BLUE DEVIL SUITE - Dorothy Daniels, nd (circa 1976). Scarce reprint of a 1968 Belmont.  Gothic cover artists were constricted by a tight formula; almost all Gothics have the same design: a woman flees a house with a light in the window.  Since there are hundreds of Gothics, the trick was to stand out from the pack.  Copeland's Gothic covers are among the very best.  Since his women tend to be looking back out of the corners of their eyes anyway, he was a natural for Gothic Romance.

Gothics flourished throughout the 1960s & 1970s, but all of Copeland's Gothics were painted between 1974 and 1978.  

51148  THE SUBALTERN - Duncan MacNeil, nd. Historical novel about a Scottish hero in 19th-century India.

51160  DEADLIER THAN THE MALE - Jim Conaway, 1977.  There are two books in the JANA BLAKE IN NEW YORK series.  The other, THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS, has cover art by a different artist.

One of the best "woman with a strategically placed smokin' hot gun" covers I've ever seen.

51168  TIDEWATER - Margaret Maitland, nd.  Historical set in Colonial Virginia. Like many of the ladies who wrote books aimed at female readers, Margaret Maitland was the pen name of a prolific male author.  In this case the author's real name is Jeffrey Wallmann.

51174  THE SHADOW AND THE FEAR - Jane Corby, 1977.  Copeland's signature is faintly visible in the lower right corner.

51186  THE LUCIFER MASK - Kathleen Rich, nd (1977).  This is Copeland's copy of the cover proof.  Reprints a 1967 Tower paperback and    its 1971 Belmont Tower reprint with   new cover art.

51188  SISTER OF THE QUEEN - Lorinda Hagen, 1977.  

51209  LACEY - Lorinda Hagen, 1977. Lorinda Hagen was one of the many pen names of a prolific paperback writer named Linda Dubreuil.  LACEY is a historical romance set in the Spanish-American War of 1898.

51213  A SCANDALOUS AFFAIR - Clarissa Ross, 1977.  Speaking of pseudonyms of prolific paperback writers, Clarissa Ross was one of the pen names of W.E.D. "Dan" Ross, who also wrote dozens of books as Marilyn Ross.  He had different pen names, they just usually had the same last name.

51223  THE MUSIC ROOM - W.E.D. Ross, nd (circa 1977).  Some of the later Gothics abandon the standard Gothic romance cover format and move inside the spooky mansion, usually on a dark staircase. This edition reprints a 1971 Dell with this new cover. 

This is Charles Copeland's prelim for THE MUSIC ROOM:

51241  SACRED AND PROFANE - Margaret Maitland.  Extremely scarce.  This is Copeland's cover proof, courtesy of the Copeland family.

51242  LETITIA - Lorinda Hagen, 1978.

A romance set in 1897 Cincinnati. 

51251  FLAME AND THE FIRE - Lorinda Hagen, 1978.

51252  THE HEAVENS BLAZE FORTH - Amanda Hart Douglass, 1978.

51270  SAVAGE PASSAGE - Gardner Fox, 1978.  Another prolific paperback writer with many pen names.

51271  CHARLOTTE - Amanda Hart Douglass, nd.  Historical romance set in Civil War New York.

51289  CORRIE - Lorinda Hagen, 1978.

51291  THE THOUSAND FIRES - Anne Powers, nd.  For more Copeland covers on books by Anne Powers see Leisure Books and Pinnacle.

As the cover art suggests, this story is set in Napoleonic France.


375  THE LOST AND THE DAMNED - Warren Carrier, nd (1957)  There are 8 Copeland Berkleys in the paperback price guides.  (All of the information on Copeland covers in Holroyd's PAPERBACK PRICES is taken verbatim from Warren's OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE:  PAPERBACKS, 1991. And Warren's main source was R.C. Holland.)  I think Copeland did a lot more work, much of it uncredited, for Berkley.  I have 38 of them on our checklist so far, starting here.

377  TWIST OF THE KNIFE - Victor Canning, nd (1957).

G-61  ANDREWS' HARVEST - John Evans, nd (1957).

G-69  AFFAIR IN CAPRI - Mario Soldati, nd (1957).  This unsigned cover is credited to Copeland in the price guides.  It is unquestionably his work, and it is a brilliant and evocative paperback cover.

G-83  MARTHA CRANE - Charles Gorham, nd (1957).  Not to be confused with a different Berkley edition of MARTHA CRANE, the 1960 second printing D2022, which has a cover by Rudy Nappi.

G-85  THREE OF A KIND - P.J. Wolfson, nd (1957).     What are we to make of the later printing with a photo cover shown below?  Was this the photograph the art director at Berkley gave Copeland, with instructions to turn it into a painting?  Or did Copeland take the photo himself first, as some cover artists did?  Whatever the real story, comparing this to the Copeland version confirms how he turned any image into his own unique view of beauty.

G-103  FORBID ME NOT - Blair Fuller, nd (1958).  This uncredited art was previously unattributed, but I thought it looked like a Copeland.  That hunch was verified by the painting below, Charles Copeland's original art for FORBID ME NOT. The slatted shadows - as the sun bleeds through the blinds onto her body - are a remarkable touch.

G-119  THE ENORMOUS RADIO - John Cheever, 1958.

Uncredited but reminiscent of Copeland's work for SWANK.

G-126  NAOMI MARTIN - Clarkson Crane, 1958.  Stylistically different enough to lead one collector to suggest this is not Copeland, this unsigned cover has been attributed to Copeland by the price guides, and by Charles Copeland's sister, who at age 90 still knows her brother's work when she sees it.

G-133  TROPIC MOON - Georges Simenon, 1958.  Copeland?  I suspect this unsigned and previously unattributed cover art is Copeland.  The setting, a man and a woman in a tropical room with palm trees outside, reminds me of his cover for Berkley G-103, FORBID ME NOT.  The woman's face, in profile above a nude shoulder, reminds me of the woman on his cover ANDREWS' HARVEST (Berkley G-61).

I see several subtle similarities that lead me to believe ANDREWS' HARVEST and TROPIC MOON are the work of the same artist.

G-146  THE MAN WITHIN - Graham Greene, 1958.  Copeland? Just a guess, based first on those swooping eyebrows. (See THE ASSASSIN, Berkley Diamond D2027, below.)  The only times you are going to see eyebrows like those are on a Charles Copeland painting or in 1950s science fiction movies about women from Venus.

G-161  THE WICKED AND THE WARPED - Max Alth, nd (1958). The Pulpcards postcard reprint of this cover credits the art to Charles Copeland.  I asked Pulpcards' Jeff Luther where he got that information and he answered, "R.C. Holland."  Holland was a master paperback seller, a good friend and the editor of the BOOKS ARE EVERYTHING fanzine.  He had a great eye for cover artists and when he wasn't sure, he guessed.  He was right on the money with THE WICKED AND THE WARPED.  I found a magazine illustration credited to Copeland in the April 1957 issue of ADVENTURE LIFE that looks like another version of this pose. See below.

Detail from an illustration for ADVENTURE LIFE, April 1957.

G-167  ADAM AND EVIL - John Carlova, 1958. 

G-184  THE SHAMELESS ONES - Uberto Quintavalle, 1958.  Copeland's signature is faintly visible to the left of the man's knee.

Another beautiful, colorful, passionate cover and, oh look, her shoe is open to you.

This cover is credited to Copeland in the price guides, and got recycled in a pose he used in MALE, August 1962:

G-187  THE BIG WHEEL - John Brooks, 1958.

G-199  MAKE ME AN OFFER - Charles Gorham, 1959. Previously unattributed.  But the man on the striped furniture with a drink and a cigarette matches a man in Copeland's illustration for MALE in April 1958.  And the woman opening her dress for him first appeared with him in a Copeland illustration for STAG, July 1957. Both are shown below.

A Copeland illustration in MALE April 1958.

Copeland art in STAG July 1957

BG-212  PRETTIEST GIRL IN TOWN - Thomas Fall, 1959.  In the price guides.

BG238  THE LESSONS OF LOVE - W. Carroll Munro, 1959.  Previously unattributed.  Copeland recycled the bearded man in the chair as part of his illustration for the Dec 1961 issue of MAN'S WORLD. It was reprinted in the November 1964 issue of SPORTSMAN, a detail of which is shown below. 

SPORTSMAN Nov 1964 (detail)

G248  THREE OF A KIND - Wolfson, 2nd printing 1959.  Uses same cover art as the first printing, G-85.  (not shown)

G256  THE INCREDIBLE TRUTH - Chris Massie, 1959. 

Berkley Diamond D2019  MARRIED TO MURDER - Harry Whittington, 1959.  The signature "C. Copeland" appears under the corpse. This brilliant hardboiled mystery paperback cover is credited to Copeland in the price guides.

There are only 43 books in the brief Berkley Diamond set (1959-1960), but with cover artists like Robert Maguire, Robert McGinnis, Darcy, Rudy Nappi, Milo - and Charles Copeland - they are a beautiful set of collectibles.  Nothing at all like the mid-1960s, when Berkley had a different art department, used none of those artists, and produced a bleak series of some of the least attractive  paperbacks in American publishing history

Berkley Diamond D2027  THE ASSASSIN - E.M. Harper, 1960.  Copeland's printed "c copeland" signature is under the dead man's face.  A classic example of "the sideways glance" - and the Venusian eyebrows.  This is credited to Charles Copeland in the price guides.


Berkley Diamond D2032  THE NAKED HUNTER, William Woolfolk, 1960.


G460  ON EASY TERMS - Kay Martin, 1960.  Signature.  In the price guides.

Taller format, now called Berkley Medallion.

G470  THE VERY WICKED - Nick Hudson, 1960. Uncredited.

G483  NINE TO FIVE - W.H. Prosser, 1960.

Y641  HELL ON WHEELS - W.E. Butterworth, 1962.  For more information on this writer, see "The Curious Case of the Missing Berkley Butterworths" below.  

Y650  VENUS IN MINK - Philippe Massart, 1962.  Although uncredited, this cover art echoes Copeland's simultaneous illustration for the February 1962 issue of FOR MEN ONLY (detail shown below). He would return to similar poses again among the hundreds of illustrations he did for the men's adventure magazines.

FOR MEN ONLY, Feb 1962 (detail)

Y658  ONE FOR THE MONEY - Elliott Chaze, 1962.  The eighth Copeland Berkley in the price guides. Perhaps Copeland's most desired cover, this one appears in Gary Lovisi's COLLECTIBLE PAPERBACK PRICE GUIDE (2008), where a fine copy is priced at $275.

BLACK WINGS HAS MY ANGEL was originally published by Gold Medal in 1953.  Although the book between the covers is unforgettable, the Gold Medal cover art is rather unexciting.  When Chaze had the book reprinted by Berkley as ONE FOR THE MONEY in 1962, Charles Copeland supplied a painting that illustrated the perfect scene in the story for its cover.  It made for a delicious combination of author and artist.  This one deserves its reputation as a big money book.

Y698  THE GIRL IN THE BLACK BIKINI - W.E. Butterworth, 1962.  Even though the cover art is signed by Copeland, THE GIRL IN THE BLACK BIKINI remains a scarce, elusive paperback that has never been credited to him anywhere that I have seen and is not listed in any of the price guides.  Copeland painted a lot of covers, but he was on some kind of a roll in 1962 when he followed ONE FOR THE MONEY with this.

Author also writes as W.E.B. Griffin. See HELL ON WHEELS, above.

Y708  LOVE IN THE SUN - Gerald Gohier, 1962. 

Z2880  REQUIEM FOR MIGNON - Catherine Malherbe, 1975.  Thirteen years after his previous Berkley, Charles Copeland appears again on Berkley Medallions with some Gothic Romance covers.

N2978  THE MALICIOUS MADONNA - Dallas Romaine, 1975.

N3005  THE BLACK SWAN - Rachel Cosgrove Payes, 1975.

Z3092 HOUSE OF THE TWELVE CAESARS - Phyllis Hastings, 1975.

"Berkley Large-Type Gothic". 

Z3185  THE SAPPHIRE LEGACY - Rachel Cosgrove Payes, 1976.

0-425-03191-8  MEG MILLER - Margaret SeBastian, 1976.  THE SAPPHIRE LEGACY (Z3185) and MEG MILLER were published in the same month, August 1976, but show the shift in Berkley's numbering system as the price goes from $1.25 to $1.50.  "Berkley Large-Type Romance".

0-425-03391-0  THE HAUNTING OF CLIFFSIDE by Letton, 1977.  
Thanks to Ruben from paperbackart.com


plus one hardcover:

SWEET'S FOLLY - Fiona Hill, 1977. Berkley Putnam hardcover in dust jacket.

There is a Berkley paperback edition of SWEET'S FOLLY, but the cover, depicting this same scene from the book, is painted by a different artist.

0-425-03391-0  THE HAUNTING OF CLIFFSIDE by Letton, 1977.  
Thanks to Ruben from paperbackart.com


plus one hardcover:

SWEET'S FOLLY - Fiona Hill, 1977. Berkley Putnam hardcover in dust jacket.

There is a Berkley paperback edition of SWEET'S FOLLY, but the cover, depicting this same scene from the book, is painted by a different artist.

42-607  SPELLBOUND - Claire Vincent, 1966

43-862  MISTRESS OF THE SHADOWS - Ruth MacLeod, 1967. Reused on BT 50588 - SOUTH COAST OF DANGER


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