In addition to his long association with Magazine Management, Charles Copeland did a little freelance work and some art through Ed Balcourt's art service. MAN'S LIFE is not one of Martin Goodman's magazines. MAN'S LIFE was published by Crestwood Publishing of Canton, Ohio, with editorial offices on Broadway in New York City. MAN'S LIFE sadly did not usually give artist credit, but for a brief glorious period in the late 1950s they did, and we find four issues then with Copeland artwork. MAN'S LIFE had wonderfully ludicrous covers (usually by Will Hulsey) of people being attacked by animals, and stories like “Spider Monkeys Tore Me Apart” and “Those Slimy Rodents are Eating My Flesh”.

MAN'S LIFE November 1957 - "Football's Coming Scandal", a rare sports-themed assignment for Copeland.

January 1958 - "It's Got To Be Tonight"

March 1958 - The artists are not credited in this issue, but Copeland's distinctive style can be identified on two of the illustrated articles.  This is "Where Bachelor Girls Run Wild"

<The other March 1958 story is "Too Much Woman".

May 1958 - "One Kiss Before I Die".

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