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After looking at Rader’s incredible run of 300+ Midwoods, it’s important not to forget there were many other artists at Midwood, including a couple of the greatest, Robert Maguire and Rudy Nappi. Many Midwoods are uncredited, like PAGAN (#F251). The artist has redrawn the cover from Clem Micarelli’s Beacon B301, ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD. Micarelli told me he did not do PAGAN and has no idea who painted it.

Many (including me) have mistaken Victor Olson’s vibrant Midwood covers for Rader’s. Here is another example of an Olson, DOWN AND OUT.

Ed Balcourt thought TALK OF THE TOWN was Nappi or Olson, both artists say no. This is the cover Julie Ellis wrote a book for.

<Some collectors link ONCE TOO OFTEN (F257), to Rader. I just wasn’t convinced enough to put this one on the Rader checklist.

33-855 ALL MY LOVERS –cover by Jerome Podwil.>

A Midwood artist often confused with Rader is a man from South America named George Alvara. The 3rd printing of MAN HUNGRY (33-884), which looks like a typical Rader, has back cover credit to Alvara. Perhaps only the model’s face says this is not Rader.

I thought HOT HANDS/WILD TEEN (35-999) might be Rader, but when the original art was sold on eBay the artist was identified as George Alvara. Looking at this cover made me suspect 35-151, once attributed to Rader, might be Alvara.

<DIVORCEE (32-401), which looks a mix of Rader & Robert McGinnis, must be Alvara.

Artist unknown: CAROLE CAME BACK (F308). Rader? Robert Schulz?

<BORN TO BE BAD (3rd pr, 33-852) Schulz?

When looking for Rader in men’s magazines I’d find gorgeous art of nude women and think “well, that’s Rader” but the magazines would say “Illustration by Charles Copeland”. Their styles were similar. Here is a pb cover by Copeland, THE SHAMELESS ONES (Berkley G184). >



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