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Magazine Work

I. Paul Rader’s ads for Lovable Bras and GE kitchens appeared in such magazines as LIFE and GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. When the Raders moved to Florida, their house had a GE kitchen, just like the thousands Rader’s ads had sold 30 years before. On the left, an ad clipped from a 1951 LIFE. On the right, LIFE, May 19, 1952, an issue that has both Lovable and GE ads by Rader.

The Lovable ads say “painted from life by famed illustrator Paul Rader”. Ray Johnson, another maga-zine and pb artist, also did some Lovable ads.

Below: Family Circle, October 1950.

Above is one of the series on children that Rader illustrated for Angelo Patri’s articles. This is from the January 1950 issue of REDBOOK magazine.  
<Once upon a time there were countless magazines all filled with marvelous illustrations like these. The late lamented days of great magazine illustration have passed. Certainly there are many more Rader illustrations out there. We offer a small sample of them here. This one is for “The Turning Point” by Dorothy Palmer, from FAMILY CIRCLE, January 1953. The “fashionable “ Rader.
SWANK, July 1958. When Rader changed agencies to Balcourt, his work began appearing in men’s magazines and men’s adventure magazines. For “The Impossible Yen” by Badrig, he created a psychiatrist and his patient and – hey, where’s her dress?
“I Never Talk To Dead Men” by Thiel is from the January 1958 issue of SWANK, one of several issues that year featuring Rader illustrations. This is a two-page illustration; the right half of it appears next.
<BACHELOR, Sept 1958. Collectors have told me they’ve found Rader in FOR MEN ONLY, KEN FOR MEN, MAN’S, SEE FOR MEN and SPORTSMAN.

SWANK, December 1958: Rader’s juvenile delinquent art for “Chicken” by Mayers. v

Paul Rader did the cover for the October 1961 issue of TRUE DETECTIVE, which was shown at the start of this catalog.
Detail from “Woman Worth Waiting For” in GUY, December 1963. Since GUY reprinted pieces from MAN’S magazine, this must have appeared earlier in MAN’S. If the woman looks familiar it’s because Rader has redone the cover art from Midwood 41, A GIRL CALLED HONEY by Lord & Marshall. <
<MAN’S and GUY were published by Pyramid and often recycled art from Pyramid paperbacks. The illustration below is from “Women Without Shame” by Fields in GUY, August 1968. Original MAN’S appearance not yet verified. This is familiar to paperback collectors as the cover of Pyramid G525, NITA’S PLACE.
<Detail from “The Nude in Snake Swamp” in MEN (Oct 1969)

Detail from “The Round-Bed Chick” – MEN, Sept 1969. >

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