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At Midwood

35-213 SINGLE SWINGERS/TORRID – Ellis/Harvey. No artist’s signature. Auction copy signed by author Joan Ellis. It is too bad Mr. Rader is not available to tell us which covers were screwed up by the Midwood art department, which covers were actually done by other artists, and other stories. Rader’s papers and drawings were given to his brother, Dr. Phillip Rader, who has since died, and then to Dr. Rader’s daughter, who has also died.

37-218 JUST WHISTLE/WIDE OPEN/STRIPPED – Hamilton/Malloy/Shaffer. Not signed. A Midwood triple. Isaac Paul Rader’s covers for Midwood are a history of the youth-obsessed sixties, starting with adults of the Eisenhower and Camelot era, evolving into younger people on college campuses with fast cars, ending with a naked and even younger blonde welcoming the permissive seventies.

<34-223 SEA OF THIGHS – Brittain. Not signed. My theory is “Sloane Britain” and “Sloan Brittain”, who wrote 2 different kinds of books several years apart, are not the same person

35-230 A GIRL A NIGHT/ SEX AND ME – Reading/ L. Harmon Not signed. >

<34-233 PAGAN SUMMER – Mayo. 2nd pr. of 32-465 with new cover. Not signed. This was Paul Rader’s last Midwood. He went out on a high note. Within a year Midwood abandoned painted covers and started a line of “hardcore” sex books. Rader retired just in time. A year later the blonde from this cover returns as part of Bee-Line 445-D, STUD SERVICE. >

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At Midwood
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