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At Midwood

<32-539. HONEY CHILD – Hamilton.

32-541. TWICE WITH JULIE – Hytes. 2nd pr of #F188 with new Rader cover. >

<34-548. THE SWINGER /NOT SO NICE – Brooks

/Haney. Photo cover. With 8 Rader illustrations, one example of which is shown here.

32-554. CAMPUS JUNGLE – Ellis. 2nd pr of 182 with different cover. >.


< 34-562. NOT SO INNOCENT/SUGAR AND SPICE – Moore/Ellis. Photo cover, 8 Rader illustrations. Compare plate 7 here with 34-679 below.

32-567. STRICTLY BUSINESS – Brandon. >

<34-576 GIRL ABOUT TOWN / DO UNTO OTHERS – Grant/Stevens.

Photo cover, 8 Rader illustrations inside. Rader would reuse plate 2 for the cover of 33-682, shown below.

32-578. ALL TOGETHER NOW. – Mayo. >

<32-579.COUNTRY GIRL – Ellis.

32-588. FACULTY WIFE – Ellis. 1966. >

<32-589. THE BODY BEAUTIFUL – DeMarco. Not signed, but the “man studying woman” motif is by now a familiar one. The woman is recreating the pose of the nude statue behind her.

43-592. LOST ISLAND – McInnes. Rader art does not appear on any of the Tower books (until THE LADY FROM LUST), but I suspect this unsigned cover might be his. >

<34-595. PARTY PARTY / DUTCH TREAT – West / Williams. Photo cover, 8 interior illustrations by Rader. Plate 6 will be reused as the cover of 33-683. This is plate 5.

32-599. FREE AND EASY – Hamilton. >

<32-602. NO LAST NAMES – Ellis.

32-614. GIRL ON THE RUN – Holbrook. A perfect paperback cover, from the sun-yellow desert hue that pervades the sky and the roadway, to the dreamboat hitchhiker. >

<32-617. HIDE AND SEEK - Norman A. King. Pen name of Robert Tralins. Not signed. Her long hair and the water fall together in parallel lines.

32-618. SNOW BUNNIES – Ellis >

<34-623. HIP CHICK / DARERS GO FIRST – Baker/Ellis. Author’s names are switched on the cover. Rader cover, the illustrations are by Victor Olson.

34-625. SEARCH FOR SIN/NIGHT SHIFT NURSE – Castleman/Wilson. And on this one Victor Olson does the cover, Rader does the illustrations. >


Cover by
Victor Olson

Thought the covers above would be as good a time as any to show the similarities between Rader and Olson. Here is one of Rader’s drawings for NIGHT SHIFT NURSE. Compare with the cover painting for F389. >

<34-627. TOO YOUNG TOO WILD – Curtis. See Midwood 60 and Y184.

<32-631. THE DISCONTENTED – Collier


34-636. MIDNIGHT MISTRESS /PRIVATE PLEASURES – Hayes /Stevens. Rader cover, illustrations by an unknown artist. (See 33-854.)

33-639. THE GIRL NEXT DOOR – Peterson. Some collectors believe this unsigned cover, first used on F267, is a Rader. >



Moore/Roote (not shown) may have cover and illustrations by Rader.

<34-651 YOUNG AND RESTLESS/3 EASY LESSONS –Shaffer/Stevens. Cover by Rader, illustrator unknown.

The interior illustrations are now poorly reproduced line drawings, not plates. But who cares about line drawings with a Paul Rader cover like this?

<34-661 CAMPUS REBEL/QUICK CHANGE – Ellis /Henry. The blonde removing her bra reminds us of THE BLONDE and other Rader dishes. He did some amazing mirror covers (HER PRIVATE HELL above, KEY CLUB GIRL below, and others). Here is another, for she is looking back at us twice.

<34-663. BUNDLE OF JOY/ GIRLS ON THE LOOSE -King/ Michaels. The interior illustrations stopped, but the Midwood Doubles proved very popular and kept coming.

34-665. FIRST CAME CATHY – Collier. 2nd pr of F263 has new title, new cover. >

<33-670. A FEMALE FEMALE – Curtis. An artist and his model in a room full of nude sketches.

34-677. DOLL BABY/ BEACH PARTY – Townsend / Nelson. >

< 34-679. GIRL IN THE MIDDLE – Thompson. Each of the next 3 covers is taken from one of the plates in the illustrated doubles. This is from 34-562.

33-682. CAMPUS QUEEN – Grant. This is from 34-576. >


<33-683. TEST OF LOVE – Collier. This is from 32-595.

33-686. OLD ENOUGH – Martell. Midwood 339 had a photo cover, this 2nd printing has a Rader. >

<34-694. BRANDY JONES – Thompson. Rader’s signature is cropped off the cover but is visible on the back cover detail here. >

<34-709. CO-ED WITH CLASS/OUT FOR KICKS –Malloy/Nelson.

33-715. NEXT STOP, SHAME – Matty. “R” >


<34-722 TEEN-AGE HIDE- AWAY/RUNNING WILD – Ellis/Roberts. R for Rader. Auction copy signed by Ellis.

34-736 BREAK THE RULES/CAMPUS AFFAIR – Ellis/Henry (not shown). Rader? Alvara? Unknown.

32-742 APARTMENT PARTY – Kramer. A tiny R is hidden in the shag. >

<34-756. THAT BLOND GIRL/CAMPUS KNOCK- OUT – Henry/Graham. 1967. R.


<34-771 PART-TIME WIFE/PLAY FOR KEEPS – Rawley/Roberts. Not signed. A definite maybe.

34-772 THE ADDED ATTRACTION/CAUGHT IN THE ACT – Stanton/Hamland. Reuses cover from 32-567, published a little over a year earlier. (Not shown.)

34-773 HIGH SCHOOL REBEL/COOLEST GIRL – Ellis /Kramer. “R”. v


At Midwood
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