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At Midwood

F365. THE YES GIRL – Moore. Cover reused on Edka 116, TEEN INSATIA-BLES. >


<F366. TALL, BLONDE AND EVIL – Hamilton. Well, yes, she is tall, and blonde, and we can see all the way up to Bakersfield.

F367. HIS FOR THE TAKING – Draper. Not signed and not mistakable.



<F371. PRETTY PUPPET – Mayo.

F374. IMPATIENT – Lawrence. Although not signed, this cover was unanimously attributed to Rader by our panel of collectors. Some even see a capital “R” by the car tire. A beautiful Midwood no matter who painted it. >

<F376. ONLY IN SECRET – Craig. Rader would redo this cover for Bee-Line 186, ALL THE GIRLS TOGETHER. Hair color and plant size have been adjusted. >

<F378. HIS DAUGHTER’S FRIEND – Trainer. Big Bob Tralins told me this was a true story a friend of his had confessed to him.

It’s a great cover, with contour Coke bottles, and the Lolita-like Lithe, and the colorful throw pillows that appear in so many Rader covers. This one is reused on Private Edition 467, ANGEL. >

<F380. LOVE TOY – Frank G. Harris. Rader recycled this cover for Bee-Line 195. Since STRANGE SISTERS is about twins, the brunette becomes a blonde. >

<F381. THE HOUSEGUEST – Kemp. Midwood’s lesbian titles must have sold very well because they kept enlisting their regulars to write more and more of them.

F386. THE THIRD STREET – Ellis. >

F389. DANCE OF DESIRE – Russo. “R”. Pin-up fans can’t understand the straight-laced types who label everything from a tame 40’s ESQUIRE calendar to a porno photo “spread” in a modern HUSTLER with the same brush, as “trash”. To us there is a world of difference between the playful titillation of covers like this and the crass vulgarity of what came later.

<F392. CHAINS OF SILK – Balmer. Compare model with central figure on F343 GIRLS DORMITORY. A bra has been added, but it’s gone again when Rader recycles this cover art for Bee-Line 233, BACHELOR PAD. >

32-400. TOO LATE FOR TEARS – Craig. The artist’s signature is the capital letter “R”. Isaac Paul Rader perfectly captured an intimate, private world of boudoirs and bathrooms, where women in various states of dishabille are on view. On occasion, as on this cover, they are nude studies. If Rader saw any difference between this painting and the “classical” nudes he studied and painted in Paris as a young man, he doesn’t reveal it here.

<32-411. A LABOR OF LOVE – Kemp. Rader reused this for Private Edition 406, THE WOMEN SHE HAD. >

<32-415. ONE AFTER ANOTHER – Fields. “R”. Cover art reused on Edka 119, ANATOMY OF A SWAP. >

<32-417 CAMPUS KITTENS – Ellis. No signature. Reused for Private Edition 397, THE GAY AND THE GUILTY. >

<32-421. THE EASY WAY – Mayo.

32-424. GANG GIRL – Ellis. >

<32-426. PARTY TIME – Kemp. Reused for Bee-Line 202, PRIVATE SCREENING. >

<32-436. THREE OF A KIND – Ellis. 1965. When Rader reworked this cover for Bee-Line 178, BETWEEN TWO WOMEN, the threesome became a duo. >

<32-437. MISS DREAM GIRL – Hart. “R”.

32-450. DAYTIME IN SUBURBIA – West. >

32-455. THE LOVE PIRATE – York. A lot of Rader paintings capture a man staring, studying, enraptured by a beautiful woman. It is only after looking at the painting for some time that we realize we are studying her too, in exactly the same way, from our side of the canvas.

<32-464. OPEN HOUSE –Ellis. Reused on Bee-Line 211, THE LOVE RACKET, a book about a sexy tennis pro. >

<32-465. PAGAN SUMMER – Mayo

32-468. THE HIGHEST BIDDER – Fields. >


32-470 PUNISH LESSON – Moore. Not signed, although one dealer thinks there’s an “R” in the blanket.

32-478. THE SWAP SET - Collier R. The 3 people in the back return on Bee-Line 229 (shown with Midwood F236 above).


32-479. PRIVATE PARTY – Kemp. Not shown, but cover reused for 34-903.

<32-480. TROUBLE-MAKER – Trainer. The Corvette convertible cover.

32-482. ASK ME NO QUESTIONS – McCord. >

<32-484. FINDERS KEEPERS – Britain. 2nd of F177 with new title & cover. Reused on Private Edition 402, THE BITTER FLESH. >


<32-492. HANDY-MAN – Clements.

32-494. THE BEAUTY GAME– Paine. Not shown.


32-496. THE COOL COEDS – Ellis. >

<34-505. THE VOLUPTUARY/ONE FOR ALL – Nelson/Woods. (Photo cover not shown.) Illustrated with 8 black & white plates by Paul Rader. The illustrations vary. Some are obviously quick sketches, others are forgettable, some are quite lovely. An example of the latter is shown.

<32-506. KID SISTER – Clements. Detail. >


<32-510. OBSESSION – Paine.

32-512. THE LADY AWAITS – Hamilton. Not signed, may be a faint “R” in the grass. Or not. >

<34-518. ON CALL/THE PICK-UP – Nelson/Curtis. Photo cover shown. 8 b&w Rader illustrations, including this artist and model>

<32-520. SOONER OR LATER – Ellis. Reminiscent of 32-506, KID SISTER, although in this case she has eyes for her big sister’s husband, while KID SISTER was going after her brother’s new wife.

32-522. WINNER TAKE ALL – Clements. >

<32-523. ALONE AT LAST – Russo.

32-527. SECRET SESSION – Hytes. 2nd pr of Y176, THE DOCTOR & THE DIKE, with new title and new Rader cover and…where’s her dress? >


<32-533. RUNAWAY/NOW OR NEVER – Nelson /Haney. Photo cover. 8 Rader plates, like this. Compare figure at left with 32-450.

32-535. TEMPORARY SECRETARY – Ellis. >


At Midwood
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